Zen 5 Development By Architect | AMD On PCIE 4 For Legacy Boards | Atom Gets L3 Cache


Is AMD already working on the development of Zen 5, just as we are enjoying Zen 2 Ryzen 3000? According to an AMD CPU architect – yes.

AMD also touch on PCIE 4 support for those with older motherboards.

We also see l3 cache for Intel Tremont and Snowridge, and we also have a pretty cool update on Loihi.

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  1. But what about Zen 7…lol. Zen 5 seems too early to talk about. I just want an architecture that's ahead of the ps5.

  2. Speak Faster on the Intro… I cant understand the intro if you talk so slowly .
    P.s. Zen 5 ? Wow… soon we will confirm Zen… 9 or something. lol

  3. Zen3 has no reason to change core counts from Zen2, at least for RyZen. The mainstream market is not even ready for a 16 core CPU and it's only a smaller percentage of buyers of RyZen that are using something like that, and probably more will use the 12 core part. If I were a betting man I'd say the 8 cores will win out over the 6 cores this time around, but you never know. The 6 cores were very popular in the first 2 releases. If the 3800X can squeak out more speed than the other 6 and 8 cores, it may be the one people move to, with the highest base clock speeds, but we'll see. I'm guessing that with Zen3 AMD will be pricing the 8 cores in a way to get people to move away from lesser cores, just like they dropped 4 core CPUs this time around, and they aren't going to be a later release. They're dead. AMD wants the world of software to move to more multi-threading, and really if a person does 2 or 3 things on their computer at the same time, 6 core is the baseline.

  4. Paul, stay encouraged. The community does appreciate you. I've noticed you've slowed the cadence of your speech it makes your videos more enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

  5. The video and audio editing of Paul's videos have come down really far. Almost every other vid is either blurry or there's an audio issue. Thumbs down man! Gotta clean it up a bit.

  6. I adore this channel. (No pun intended) It's amazing how quickly you provide the latest news on desktop computing world etc.

  7. I wonder what will come after Zen. That aside, the number 4 is not regarded as bad luck in Asian culture. It is only the Chinese and their haphazard feng shui system which regard number 4 as bad luck. I have met a lot of Chinese students over the years and they really are a bunch of superstitious nut-jobs.

  8. There's a reason ALL the X570 boards have active chipset cooling, and it's not just to support the CPUs. There is extra strain if you're running with PCIe4.0 mode, and if that then results in their new CPUs melting down on the board, that's much worse press than blocking it via BIOS.

  9. So according to the rumors (and some guesstimates):
    Zen 3 : 2020, 7nm+ EUV CCDs with up to 4 threads/core, 7nm IO die (possibly with L4 cache) , DDR4, AM4 socket (or maybe AM4+ but I doubt it).
    Zen 4: 2021, 5nm CCDs (possibly on silicon interposer – 2.5D stacking), DDR5, AM5 socket
    Zen 5 : 2022?, 5nm+ CCDs, AM5, doubling the core count?, RAM on chip?

  10. TSMC has 6nm that is 100% node compatible with 7nm. So there could be a Zen2+. Maybe Threadripper or Epyc where the extra cost would make sense.

  11. People in the asian culture who believed the number 4 is bad is about ass loony as those in the west who believed that the number 13 is bad.

  12. I can only imagine the IPC gains and efficiency gains in the next gen after 7nm has matured. just looking at the gains they made over the first ryzen and the refresh were substantial. With an AMD infuzed with more cash and a smaller form factor god only knows what will happen.I don't think we will get a 5ghz 12c24t cpu any time soon but with Higher IPC who cares. Even if you hate AMD they have managed to shake the tree and made the market exciting once again. And now the we have the Radeon group going down the same road happy days.

  13. I think we'll see a Navi+ since they need to got to 7nm+ to get a "big" navi in a similar envelope… EUV gets them 20% more density and with just a shrink they can add 20% more SPs moving to 3840 and 3584 for ?5800XT and let power go up to 250W to not overlap adn get more base clockspeed…
    We'll see…

  14. Ok so where is the end of silicon? 3nm? 2nm? is this the race down to carbon nanotube transistors….

  15. With AM4 being supported for so long it makes you wonder if they are doing it to troll Intel.🤔 AMD has always been aggressive targeting new memory technology, but it seems they're waiting around for others to make the move is time around.

    It's good to see big-little mentioned by Intel (not every task can be parallelised), but I'm guessing it's aimed at ultra-low power CPUs.

  16. Next year Zen3 will come with 7nm+, the following year Zen4 with 5nm and after that Zen5 with 5nm+. This is a serious roadmap and challenge for intel.


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