Ys VI – The Ark of Napishtim Review (PC)


Adol washed ashore again! The first of the modern Ys titles, starting off a new generation of gameplay as the first in a sequence of three similar titles. Also the start of Xseed’s involvement in bringing these games over to a larger audience as his been the case for almost every release since. Let’s go through the vortex and explore the island of Canaan in this Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim review!

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  1. You can actually play the PS2 version with the original anime cutscenes and Japanese voice acting. Go to the Cheats menu and you’ll enter a room with a red, blue and yellow crystal. Also, there’s a pedestal in the floor.

  2. This is actually a personal favorite of mine as it was the first in the series that I played. I was just getting into anime at the time and saw this on the shelf at my game store so I blew like a month's worth of savings and was not disappointed. Despite its terrible CG opening and horrendous voice acting I still like the Konami version for its addition of the Alma Trials and that super sexy fairy that drove my teen hormones absolutely crazy.

  3. The PS2 version of this game was my introduction to the series. Needless to say…it wasnt a good first impression

  4. This was the first PSP game I've ever played. I was little and too dumb to know what I was doing. But the opening was enough to make me a gamer for life.

  5. I really enjoyed Ark. The engine is terrific and those are probably my favorite Ys games with the exception of VIII, which I just thought was perfection!

    Only one I haven’t played is Seven, although I do have it and maybe it’s time to give it a shot.

  6. I enjoyed your review. While Ys VI is my favourite game in the series the dash jump is a horrible mechanic. I have played the game several times and not once was able to pull off the move once. The music is great although I wish they would have stayed with live instruments like they did in Oath in Felghana, instead of using live instruments there and synths for the other games. I didn't find the grind to bad. The battles didn't punish you for being under leveled. It punished you for having your weapons under leveled.

  7. I played Ys seven first, and I freaking loved that game, now I'm getting into the Ys series.
    I'm liking Ys VI so far

  8. You just made me a subscriber! This is got to be one of my most favorite video games I've ever played! Yes it has its flaws but I love the charm behind the characters, the levels, the artwork and the music. I guess it just hits my tooth just right. You did a excellent job on this review my friend congratulations!

  9. The game is awesome but it has two big flaws.
    I found the final boss sort of anti-climactic.

    !.) The 3 different swords are sort of not that useful. They make little difference in gameplay whichever you choose. Pick your sword and slash away they all work just fine. There's little need to use them interchangeably.
    2.) BACKTRACKING! Ugh, I had to backtrack whole 2-3 areas at some points in the game. It was tidieous.

  10. 6:37 Odd, the pc version said that the red sword's name was Brillante, and Blirante was the name it received in the PS2 and PSP versions of the game, which one is accurate to the pc version?.
    Beats me, and Brillante means glowing or glow in Spanish (it has more definitions but glow makes more sense in this case), which más o menos fits as a name for a flame sword, the more you know.
    Good luck with 7 and Celceta.

  11. i think falcom is want to remake Ys V but still need to recton some of the story to make cohesive timeline..

    like right now the timeline is Ys VIII is after Ys V and before Ys VI..
    and if the new Ys game is move the timeline, it will be after Ys7 for me..

  12. Thank you very much for another high quality Ys review! Unfortunately this series doesn't get the attention that it deserves.

    I can only agree with your perspective on the game. I played it for the first time this summer and despite its mechanical weaknesses in comparison to oath and origins (which I've beated before) it was an overall great experience with an exciting story, lovely characters and another great Ys soundtrack. Oh and the intro still makes me shiver.
    Looking forward to your Ys Seven review, which was the last game that I've beated.

  13. You forgot to talk about how the harder dificulties work in this title.
    If I remember correctly, they randomly assing a color to an enemy and you can only damage enemies whith the correct sword. Its a bit more complex than that, but I haven't touched the game in years, so…

  14. To this day, I still consider VI to have the weakest soundtrack of the series, outside of three tracks: Release of the Far West Ocean, Mighty Obstacle, and Ernst.

    Of all the games released this century, this is the one I simply cannot be arsed to go back to.

  15. That reminds me on healing items it's another thing XSEED did a small change. That's what Catastrophe mode is all about. You no longer pick up healing items from enemies instead you use them right away like in Felghana. There is one exception to that if I recall tho. I think there were other changes they made for it like I think stat boosting items were added to one of the shops at the same time. They're expensive but if you do get them they'll make the game a breeze.

  16. Excellent review! Pretty well matches how I feel about the game. Good start to a series and a good game, though the other two games on the engine definitely made improvements. I think it actually had my favorite setting and maybe story of the three. Biggest peeves are definitely the grind and the dash jumping.

    I actually didn't know you could assign an item to use in boss battles. Probably for the better too, or I would've ended up figuring it was intended.


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