Ys: Memories of Celceta is the best Ys game? (100% Completion Ys: Memories of Celceta Review)


100% complete and I can safely say Memories of Celceta is my favourite Ys game.
The combat in this game is some of the best you’ll find in any Action RPG, want to know why?
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00:00 – What is Memories of Celceta?
00:39 – Combat Mechanics
02:44 – Your Party Characters
03:31 – Incredible Combat Skills
05:16 – Ultimate Attacks
06:13 – Customisation/Builds
06:51 – Game-changing Artifacts
07:16 – Exploring The World
07:48 – What about the story?
08:32 – Let’s talk about graphics
08-:51 – Very few criticisms
09;06 – tl;dr: It’s fantastic
09:41 – How it could be perfect
10:08 – When is it out?
10:23 – Closing words

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Thanks to Zaney for the artwork used in the video!

Game: Ys: Memories of Celceta
Platform: Laptop (ASUS TUF FX705DT)
Gameplay by: Evanz111
Recorded with: Nvidia Shadowplay
Edited with: MAGIX Video Deluxe 2020 Plus Steam Edition
Audio Recorded with: Blue Snowball
Edited with: Audacity

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  1. I hope it's at least the sane great6lije Lacrimosa of Dana, which I played so so much, I think over 100 hours! Man, I love these kind of reviews, when somebody has real passion for a good JRPG. I'm gonna get the in 1 week on PS4

  2. I’ve been seeing a lot of comments, particularly on Deji’s videos of people claiming that they are og fans and that they are doing sub for sub and I think it is worth looking into

  3. There’s a new Logan “wanna be friends?” Type channel called “shea” with a kiwi wearing a military helmet for their profile pic and it’s been leaving comments such as “wanna be friends” and “great video” on small yt channels and they will hack your channel just letting y’all know

  4. Great review. The original game was my first PS Vita platinum. Looking forward to trying to platinum this one as well.

  5. Be careful of the volume spike that happens for a few seconds at 09:36, really sorry about that, it slipped through editing!


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