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Ys IX: Monstrum Nox First Thoughts/Review (イースIX -Monstrum NOX) is the ninth installment of Ys. It will be released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 on September 26, 2019.
It will feature Adol Christin’s adventure in the prison city of Balduq in Gllia, which takes place after Ys Seven.

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  1. I actually got into the Ys series with Ys VIII on the Switch, which was pretty fantastic. The story was pretty gripping, the music absolutely elevates the experience, and the gameplay is super great. I actually bought all the Ys games available on Steam yesterday and plan to go through them over the next week, just having finished the original Ys. I've gotta say, had I played Ys when I was a kid around the time it came out, my mind would have absolutely been blown. Hell, even going through Chronicles, I'm still blown away by the quality of the music composition for example.
    On the subject of graphics, I agree that compared to VIII, IX looks a little bland, and I think that problem could've been resolved if they scaled back the scope of areas a bit. That might've helped to make the areas seem less empty, and maybe allow them a greater opportunity to add more details here and there. I think aesthetically, I also just prefer the tropical setting of Ys VIII more, so maybe bias? Regardless, I'm so glad I discovered the series and I'm super excited for Ys IX on Switch!

  2. Yo, HappyConsoleGamer. It been confirmed that MONSTRUM NOX is coming to the west in 2021! I'm happy for you man.

  3. I have the fondest memories of playing Ys: The Vanished Omens (which I believe is basically Book I) on the Sega Master System as a kid, and I wanna jump in on a modern one, but it’s kind of intimidating for some reason.

  4. I will get it I mean it's y's. But I will say it's kinda sad that they went with the PSP/vita era graphics. Rather than modernize it. I just hope they refined the combat a lot better. The timing to dodge some attacks were just pure down to button mashing luck. Also, another thing I notice about games from this company is the lack of detail in their environments again going back to that psp/vita style graphics. But your not making games for the PSP. You should add more detail. But again if they fine-tuned the combat a bit more than Ys VIII i will be happy.

  5. I’m a late comer to your channel after discovering you recently and you are quickly becoming my favourite channel to watch. I love your passion for the games you review and your tastes are very similar to mine. Thank you for the videos and keep up the great work!

  6. Since watching this months ago I've heard on reddit that the places after the city look beautiful and this shouldn't be judged by the city alone.

  7. I live in Taiwan, I saw this on the shelf in the game store here.
    (Games in Taiwan can be in English or Japanese- with Chinese subtitles. So, I always have to check the back.)

  8. Adol's new design is "bestowed upon him"? Lame, why can't he look like a badass due to good dress sense or something

  9. all Falcom games are low budget, they've been releasing at least 1 game a year ever since they existed in the 80s.

  10. The environments look so much worse than Y's VIII. What's up with that? But than again Falcom is pretty bad at making good environments, Trails's seem especially boring and rectangular.
    Y's Viii looks absolutely amazing though, it's a shame that the other ones can't get up to it's level.

  11. Ys games are less focus on graphics. And more focus on the music, plot and quests. I played Ys 9 the Japanese version. I gotta say Ys 9 story was lacking. It didn’t pull me in. Ys 8 story so far in the franchise series is the best. While Ys 7 quests were the best in the franchise series.

  12. Ys and every falcom like trail in the sky and trails of cold steel games is some of the greatest games in story and style

  13. They need to use the unreal engine for the graphics and make the world more colorful!! Other than that the Ys series is awesome and yes we need a link and Adol crossover immediately.

  14. Thanks for the review. Still shocked we haven't gotten a release date in the West yet. Though I have to say I really hope they change up future Ys games, maybe even revisit solo Adol or give us a proper remake of Ys I & II (or V since I'd love to revisit Kefin). I'm tired of this generic system with the 3 attack attributes, not to mention the cliche personalities and how these characters look like they walked right out of an anime convention.


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