Ys 7 Review (PC)


The last numbered entry in this video series for now! Ys Seven has Adol seeking out the Five Dragons of Altago in his last adventure chronologically so far. Let’s see how the first team based title fares in this Ys 7 review!

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  1. What really stood out for me about Ys VII (in a bad way) is the insane amount of dialog, even for a modern JRPG. I eventually ended up fast-forwarding through most of the cut-scenes in the second half and even then they were interminable!

  2. Ys 8 was my first Ys game, I was given a copy for Christmas a couple years back. I really enjoyed it, enough that I decided to go back and play the rest of the games (well, the ones that are available on Steam).
    Honestly, after playing Ys 7, it's made me realize that Ys 8 is basically "what if Ys 7, but bigger and better". I enjoyed Ys 7 quite a bit, but I can tell that there were a lot of kinks in the machinery that got worked out in Ys 8. Heck, even the theme for Ys 7's final dungeon reminds me of the theme for Ys 8's final dungeon.

  3. I find that comparing ys8 combat to ys7 is fundamentally unfair because this game came out 5 years earlier lolz.
    The fact that you kept mentioning how ys8 is superior in combat makes me question your fairness in judging old games.
    Ofc ys 8 is going to be better in that regard because it is later sequel who got improved upon the old system.
    You should not use YS8 combat system's polishness as criticism for ys7 combat system. It just doesn't make much sense.

    Also mentioning difficulty in YS series is kinda silly too because it let you change difficulty freely.
    In one of your earlier reviews on YS8 you mentioned the boss being too easy. However it sounds like you never tried Nightmare or higher for your difficulty setting , and instead play normal most of the time. I started the game at hard in ys8 and found the bosses being too easy to begin with, so around half way I start changing to nightmare and notice a foes do 3 times more damage than hard, and the game no longer being as easy as you claimed. My point is if you pick easier difficulty for the game, ofc the game is going to be really easy.
    Falcom doesn't want to punish light players , that's why they add in many difficulty. In fact from my experience in time attack mode, the game difficulty is actually always being designed around Nightmare for all the bosses.

  4. I made the mistake of playing Ys VIII first. I loved it. But I can't backtrack and play the previous titles. Too much of a downgrade. I'll enjoy watching walkthroughs of previous games to better understand the overall story while waiting for the next one.

  5. Personally i don't enjoy bump combat and napishtim engine as much as the seven engine. That being said, seven, celceta and Dana are my favorite in the franchise. Can't wait for ys 9

  6. i heard of Ys but never played that much, only played ys 6 for a little . for understanding the whole lore which games should i play in which order?

  7. The first half of the game is to increase the impact of the story's main twist:

    Spoiler Alert

    In the first half of the game, you are led to believe that becoming the Dragon Warrior (I think that's what the Chosen One title Adol gets in this game was) would allow Adol to avert the plague that is currently ravaging the nation (as supported by the fact that your party member Cruxie has the plague, and is being kept healthy by one of the magical MacGuffins you collect to become the true Dragon Warrior), then the second half gut punches you by revealing that you were actually auditioning to become the human sacrifice that was destined to die while futily trying to prevent what the Dragon Gods themselves believe to be an inevitable recurring apocalypse that would finish wiping out the people that you just spent the first half of the game getting attached to, and was enacted by someone who seemed to be the game's designated love interest after she got driven to despair by the plague affecting her adopted sister figure.

  8. I played the game recently and I liked the second half as much as the first, because now you could play the real dungeons. For me, that was like classic Zelda (Ocarina of Time especially): I now knew the people in danger so I cared about them and wanted to rescue them. It also helped, that the Dungeons and the bossfights were way more fun (my favorite is the one in the second earth-dungeon). But the best part had to be the story. It was well thought-out and had some nice twists, that worked in the story itself and as commentary on the Ys-series as a whole. But I have to admit, that the gameplay wasn't as well thoughtout, as "Oath in Felghana" and "Ys:Origin." Still, because of the story this has to be my favorite so far.

    Good video! Hope, you are as hyped for Ys: IX as myself :D.

  9. I've been gaming most of my life (since the early '90s) and have basically always been "aware" of the Ys series, but only recently actually decided to jump in (got Lacrimosa of Dana dirt cheap) and see what's up. While checking some guides I then decided to take a good look into the series itself, and frankly I'm impressed A.F. for several reasons, but 2 of them specifically;
    1st – The devs have been crafting (and selling) Ys games since 1987 AND they've basically been using the exact same core characters the entire time. It'd be like if every Final Fantasy game had you playing the same 4 nameless Heroes of Light…….
    2nd – For Lacrimosa of Dana and Memories of Celceta the devs ACTUALLY forked out the money for a really good, really popular (= expensive) VA for Adol, which is mildly ridiculous because Adol is only about 10 words shy of full on LInk-style silent protagonist….Said VA is Bryce Papenbrook; his resume is in both anime dubbing and games is extensive, but he's most notably known for the voices of Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan series), Meliodas the Dragon Sin (Seven Deadly Sins series), Caesar Zeppeli (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) and "Kirito" Kirigaya (Sword Art Online series). I find it both ridiculous AND quite impressive that they'd bother to get such a high-profile VA to voice a near-silent character….it's mind boggling.

  10. I'm amused that you criticized this game's second half for repeating locations, yet named Ys: Origin as your favourite in the series. Anyway, I think I personally enjoyed Ys Seven more than the Naphishtim-engine games, and I'm much more critical of the game's first half (especially up until the Fire Shrine), rather than the second; Ys Seven felt like I was playing two versions of the same game (first half, then second half), and it felt like I was playing the good version the second time around. While I also thought the game likely could've benefited from having only one visit per area, I don't think it really suffered that much from repetition in the second half, since most of it is new content. The game even throws in new pathways when returning to the towns, which helps take the sting out of backtracking.

  11. As someone who plans to go through the Ys games again leading up to the new release, I have really appreciated your reviews and your perspectives on the titles I've played or never touched. I've watched all your videos so far on the games and they're all very good. My only critique is that I wish you had used any other way to describe the A.I. in this title other than "special". I hope you consider that, going forward, and I look forward to future videos!

  12. Hey man, did you know they amended their statement on Ys 9? Now it takes place after Seven, and Adol is world famous thanks to what he did in 6 and this game, plus everything else he did. It takes place in a Prison City with Adol dealing with Monstrum.

  13. What killed this game for me on Pc, is that XSEED didn't put the Chinese Unofficial Port redrawn polygon graphics, so in Atalgo all the ships on the horizon are pixelated on this game but in an unofficial port it is not. That's a really bad port for me when I need to go find better textures to put in the game while those textures should be in it from the beginning.
    For me the best port is Ys: Lacrimosa of dana, the game doesn't look like a port and runs at 60fps all the time. Amazing game that is, even if people are salty 'till today because of the delay with Nisa. And another thing, the first cutscene Adol's eyes are looking good but ingame model afterward looks wrong, I know the game is a port of a PSP game BUT, Chinese people made a better work porting it years ago. So, if Xseed is capable to grab a fan translation and put on their official port of Ys Oath in Felghana and Ys Origin (The last with minor changes so people would not recognize it but I did) but is not capable to grab a good port and make it official because reasons, I'm not buying it at the standard price at steam, NEVER.

  14. I gotta say thanks to the random dude that linked this video on r/pcgaming. Being a Falcom fan myself, I saw that and thought "Ys 7 review? Nice, more exposure to Falcom is always good". Couldn't have imagined it was going to be such a in-depth review, properly addressing all the game's pros and cons. And was I impressed that you actually reviewed even the black sheeps of the series, namely Mask of the Sun and Lost Kefin, and to great detail nonetheless. Well, you just got another subscriber. I can't wait for the Ys Origin video. Also, do you intend to review other Falcom games, like Trails, Xanadu, Zwei?

  15. Great review, I was wondering if you have played either of the Brandish games released by Falcom for SNES and PSP. I would be interested in your opinion, especially on the PSP remake.

  16. I don't get why they make the timeline so confusing. What does it matter if a title is before or after VI? All the titles have barely any connection, aside from I-II-Origin.

  17. Yeah u should have played this game on Hard mode boss battles wouldn't have been a boring pushover as u somewhat put it

  18. Did the game on Hard my first time, that definitely felt more balanced than it should've. The Ygses Toluga fight is the one that taught me how to block to some extent… really baffling that even the game's tutorial didn't properly teach people how to use the guard.

  19. This entry is where I really started to get invested in the series as good as the older games are I could never quite get into it, I guess they have to be your cup o tea this one however felt way more accessible and the combat system was just so fun and addictive to play. For me the newer games are just better than the older titles except in music maybe but it's hard to top Ys III


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