Yee-Haw Off the Ranch: Moving Out


Agents of Chaos Ashley Johnson and Brian Yee-Haw Foster wrassle up a good ole time Off the Ranch by playing some Moving Out!

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Original theme song by Jason Charles Miller:

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  1. I somehow completely forgot about quarantine for a hot second and kept expecting Jerry to comment on Jerry's Apartment

  2. This reminds me of the scene in "Friends" where they try to get the sofa up the stairwell: "Pivot!".

  3. PCSing…The Game! But seriously, I am pretty sure this is how the movers move your stuff when you do a military move.

  4. Thanks for this! I purchased it and have been playing with my wife (who does not game, at all) – it's been a real hoot! Better than marriage counseling. 🙂

  5. "Your brain reads like a wordless book! Explaining things to you must be like chasing a plastic bag in a tornado!"

  6. I probably smoked too much of the reefer..but the energy seems off😅😂

    Maybe I’m just projecting because I miss CR so much


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