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  1. Just want to say your Dr build deck and point distrib is exactly what I’ve been using; I think Vex uses something similar. In my opinion her best, though I also sub out moonwalk for her speed boost card if I have a term or wanna pocket a dps carry who would benefit. For items- blue items + nimble and maybe master riding. Chronos if they’re killing dog a lot (never really tried it but I see it can have value) and wrecker if team needs a little extra shield break

  2. Why don't you have movement speed in your loadout lol? Also love to see a tierlist video. That regen card works on Deployables too(Inara wall, barik turrets etc)

  3. Currently grinding Io to level 50 for that sweet gold skin. She's lots of fun. The healing buff was desperately needed and made her viable again. But I hate how people (generally people who doesn't play support) overrate Life Link. I've had games where people threw because I play Godesses Blessing. I couldn't believe it.

  4. Pretty new to IO and I've been wanting to play her more. I always thought that the talent where it allows luna to heal is the way to go

  5. I use lifelink so I could give more heals.

    I use goddess blessing on custom matches and sometimes when there's no tank.

    I barely use sacrifice.

  6. Hi Kami, I was wondering what the specs on your PC are? I wanna play at settings similar to you and want to upgrade my PC

  7. Personally, I would buy nimble and haven. Max out nimble then obviously haven. After that, I would get deft hands and max it out aswell since io runs out ammo like there's no tomorrow.

  8. Hey kami when u play on wardens gate with IO put Luna underneath the point she heals everyone on top while being safe…ur welcome

  9. This might sound clique, but your videos is a highlight of my day. Every breakfast I watch your videos. And it gets me motivated for school. I just want to say that you have a very likable personality.

  10. I'd love a tier list! I've fallen out of the Paladins bubble for about a year and don't really know anything about the meta right now so I'd love to hear your opinion on it.


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