Why I Loved YS 8


Why I Loved YS 8 – My second play-through of this gem was just as amazing as the first, so why not get my thoughts out there! Hope you enjoy it!

Please be aware that this is a review/run-through of the game, so we’ll be skimming through the major plot points as we go.


Outside of Trails, I see many people asking the questions, why should I play YS 8? Should I buy YS 8, or is YS 8 good? Well quite simply, yes, it’s very good, the best YS game I’ve played so far, and that is saying something.

Since I started the channel, I’ve always wanted to do an YS 8 review/playthrough, to try and understand in depth why I enjoy this game as much as I do. Not only do I believe that YS 8 is a good starting point if you want to get into the series, but I want to explain why YS 8 is masterful in the way it delivers a compelling adventure to the player.

With Adol, the main protagonist of YS, and his compatriot, Dogi, after an unfortunate shipwreck (this is a trope of Adol), they end up marooned on the Isle of Seiren, a landmass devoid of human life. It initially is the job of Adol and his companions to find more survivors from the ship, but it quickly becomes apparent that simply escaping the island is not the only objective here. Something far more mysterious looms, as Adol starts to share memories with a young girl named Dana. As they continually guide each-other through the perils, Adol and Dana must come together to put a stop to the ominous Lacrimosa, a phenomenon that threatens not only the age of Man, but also eras of the future.

So, the question, should you buy YS 8? Well, hopefully after this video, you’ll get the answers you need.

This will be a highly in depth look, including skimming over the main story, so I would advise not to watch if you plan to play the game in the future.


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  1. In light of the updated YS 8, and the potential people who might watch this video, I want you to be aware that this is a SPOILER review. We go through the story as we analyse various areas, so it's very much a retrospective for people who have already completed the game.

  2. Adol : Hm, I'd like to take a trip on this boat ! What could possibly go wrong ?
    Any possible thing that could go wrong on the entire Earth : rolls dices

  3. "Barbaros" is Greek and it means Barbarian.
    Ironically "Sahad" who is supposed come from Ys-version-of-Greece sounds more like a Turkish name.

  4. Amazing video. I just spent the past couple of months FINALLY playing through this game and I absolutely couldn't put it down. I had played some of the earlier Ys games but nothing in the franchise since about the year 2000, and wow. I am blown away. I couldn't believe how this game sucked me in. I also managed to get the true ending but I ended up loading my save before the final battle and working up the little I needed remaining on the reputation score so that I could just beat it again, so yeah I didn't actually play through the whole thing twice, but I would actually, another time, gladly!
    An absolutely brilliant story (which I don't think is actually all THAT similar to Your Name, but I do see some parallels) is only half of it. The gameplay was just perfection, it just was so smooth and easy to learn/hard to master that I just did not want to put it down. Add to that the music being incredible throughout and just the flawless way that resource collecting and upgrading was done, I honestly don't have enough great things to say about this game.
    It's definitely among my favorite games of all time, and it's great hearing about others' experiences with it. I will forever cherish it and I will also always remember it as my "quarantine game". It really helped me pass the time through it all without too much strain.

  5. Graphics wise, is the low point of the Falcom games and this Ys game suffers from that.

    Ys IX apparently also has some PS2 HD graphics like this one, but you know the games are good.

    But I truly hope that with the PS5 they finally move on to a new engine.

  6. This was my first Ys game! I got it because I wanted to build my Vita library and it, along with Trails of Cold Steel have become my favorite series of all time


    almost at the end…… BUT

    a couple of things

    Hummel is soooooo dull I felt nothing for him other than he looks better in Blue

    Shad…. Nice guy, means well but didn't really care for his story

    Would of replaced Hummel with village cast away Austin, loved his music element and he could of been a bit of a dbag to Adol in the beginning

    Would of replaced Shad with Dogi… I mean…. Just look at Dogi's awesome hair!!!

    All the other characters I loved

    I thought it was very bold of YS VIII not to have a main villain driving the story…. Big move… The Crazy Dr. Doesn't count for me 😂

  8. The moment I learned what Licht did for a career, I felt unyielding terror because I thought Nameless was going to take Alison as a hostage. And for those who played the game, you can tell why I would be afraid.

  9. I just started playing this game and I just finished it but my question is how can I buy the strength elixir from licht's clinic?

  10. I couldn't help but laugh when you brought up Eternia's demise as being lifted from Kimi No Na Wa, while I can see from where you are coming from and it was certainly a fun fact to know that Shinkai used to work with Falcom back in the day, I think they just made it the extermination of the dinosaurs but with anime girls. If you recall fifth grade history lessons, the dinosaur extermination started with a big meteor that brought upon many of the things that plagued Eternia, a meteor that raised so much dust that it created an ice age of the Ys Universe, an ice age that supposedly cold-blooded Primordials, and their evolved cousins, the Eternians, could not stomach, at least I suppose that primordials are cold-blooded and Eternians are as well, but it's never really mentioned anywhere so I am going off of speculation (look up Alvarez Hypothesis on Wikipedia).

    Other than that, great review.

  11. I do find it off putting when in dialogue a character you know speaks from off camera and you know who is speaking to you but the name tag says "man speaking" or something like that and you turn and see whoever like Dogi.

  12. Also I felt a bit of Mass Effect in this story since it takes about a cycle of death for the current main species that dominants the world and then the cycle begins again and we're on a quest to end the cycle of death and rebirth

  13. I find it interesting that the character model for Alison doesn't look very pregnant and even with the premature birth the baby looks pretty healthy and in a good size for a late term pregnancy so for me, this means we've been on this island for months since enough time has passed for crops to be harvested

  14. I also think this game takes place after Celceta because of a returning character from that game that recognizes Adol and before Ys 7 because in that game you visit a country that Adol was originally headed to in this game

  15. I actually wished they kept the bad translation for the location called "The big hole". It had a simple stupid charm to it

  16. As much as I like the whole stranded island premise, I hope the next game has big towns and cities to travel to. I can understand why. This game is actually pretty small because it was built for the Vita in mind and there were limitations. And there's a sense of a passage of time because you grow crops in your little castaway village.


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