Why do humans have a third eyelid? – Dorsa Amir


Discover how evolution and natural selection influence why the human body has vestigial organs— body parts that no longer serve their original purpose.

You know that little pink thing nestled in the corner of your eye? It’s actually the remnant of a third eyelid. In humans, it’s vestigial, meaning it no longer serves its original purpose. There are several other vestigial structures in the human body, quietly riding along from one of our ancestor species to the next. But why have they stuck around for so long? Dorsa Amir investigates.

Lesson by Dorsa Amir, directed by Avi Ofer.

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  1. Ridiculous , human are human from day one. Our first father Adam was created by the Lord of the worlds.
    It’s not a trail and error.
    For everything there’s a purpose, Lord knows the best, human are too small to understand that, we need more Researchers to grab the reason.

  2. The appendix has a function. People who have had their appendix removed have a much harder time with digestion after a strong bout of diarrhea. It is deduced that the point of the appendix is to keep some of the beneficial bacteria, and release some of it back into the digestive system after an illness that flushes that bacteria out. This also explains why the appendix is located where it is. It's easy to see how people believe it is useless as it functions as a biological insurance; and out in the real world, it looks like insurance doesn't do anything — which is true — unless an uncommon event triggers its necessity, and then we see the benefits. But in a healthy person… no…. it doesn't do anything. Just as insurance doesn't do anything for you before you're in an accident.

    All of this was known WELL before this video was published. A Google search links to WebMD — which is a credible website — and gives a brief synopsis of this. It's irresponsible to put out a 'fact video" without a little bit of due-dilligence.

  3. If we "evolved" from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys here? Also, wouldn't this third eyelid be a benefit to us if we evolved? I think the whole idea of evolution is severely flawed!

  4. I read an article about the appendix. The theory is that some of your healthy cells are stored there so that when you are sick and your cells die the healthy cells are released. After my mom had her appendix out her immune system wasn't as good as it was before.

  5. I believe in the evolution of organisms in general, but I do not think that evolution means moving from one species to another, it’s funny to think that we were monkeys because of our
    coccyx (tailbone)😹😹


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