WHO'S THE BAD GUY | Town of Salem with Shubble!


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  1. i think it’s so funny that they have no idea what’s going on because most people on tos have all of the invest results memorized and have extensive wills and they’re just like “let’s kill this one”

  2. I would like to see y'all try again but like read your roles abilities lol. Either wat i do hope for a episode 2 very entertaining

  3. You guys are dumb, you shouldn’t try and game throw and should learn how to actually play, and not try and get banned

  4. please learn the courtesy of this game. you kinda ruined it for the others in the game. if i was in a game with people like this i would have sent in report them. sorry guys but some ya take this game seriously

  5. play it again, but have 2 random mafia, 2 witches and 2 werewolves, or 3 vampires and 3 werewolves ( the vampires and werewolves when the kill someone they turn into them, werewolves only are werewolves at a full moon )

  6. I would strongly suggest you consider only starting TOS rounds with people on your friends list. I stopped playing this game awhile ago because of the general toxicity in the community, both on player and developer/mod ends. The mods and developers disagree on what is bannable, and players strongly disagree on how the game should actually be played. Playing chaotic on purpose can get you banned, and if you cheat at all on camera, you will be reported by players once they find the videos. Players found cheating on camera are usually permabanned on the spot.

    Cultivating a friends list of players from Patreon or whatever will help eliminate that (since they are far less likely to report you for this).

    No hate here. Just some honest advice from an experienced, former player. I also used to help judge Trials (their report/ban system) and there was (at least when I was active) very little consistency on why some people were punished and some weren't, even regarding the same offense or report. The mods also refuse to take direction from the developers on certain bannable offenses and make their own rules. Half the community will want to keep you for entertainment and the other half will immediately want you gone for talking to each other outside of the game chat.

    I love the idea of this game and I honestly loved playing it, but I found the community not worth the hassle.


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