WHAT IS THIS SHA LIN DOING? | Paladins Gameplay


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  1. bulk up buck is crazy broke , low key it is because ppl think bounce is good they overlook bulk up , i can get crazy stats with bulk up

  2. Poor Kami, if you knew how many banana arrows you shoot every game with Sha Lin and you don't even notice, you'd be depressed.

  3. Even with the buffs, Sha Lin just kind of feels bad for some reason. I can't put my finger on it, but meh. I've switched over to playing imani when I would normally play Sha.

  4. kami i bought my 1st pc recently, been playing paladins still (was on xbox) and i have yet to run into you. 0/10 would not buy a pc again

  5. The servers have gotten better. What they need to change is the XP needed to finish the BP….the increase is insane!!!!

  6. Kami, you know that crippling arrow blocks movement abilities with any talent? The most benefit you get of silence is just disabling buck heal and vik ult. I think that sand trap is his most powerful talent. Not only because you can 2-shot people, but you also get bonus damage and cripple enemies even if you slightly off target

  7. Since frog isle is technically one of the newest maps, it is also one of the most common…. which I freaaakkkinnggggggggg hate

  8. Also, there is a very old bug in Paladins that if there is a Shalin on your team/you playing it the game freezes a lot

  9. Still waiting for that Luna Nerf…like holy hell its like getting buttfucked by prisoner doing life for raping people. 6v5.
    Also fix the server, like im playing on any iphone every made.

  10. That first game could've been recovered I'm sure, I think it's more like a giving up case. And also servers have been utter CRAP. I have a good internet and my game has frozen, crashed or had crazy lag every single time I've played this past week.


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