[Vinesauce] Vinny, Criken, & Jerma – "One Word Story"


Vinny streams the One Word Story with guest appearance by Criken and Jerma live on Vinesauce! ►
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YouTube Gaming and Twitch Livestream of One Word Story! The stream was recorded/edited by Vappyvap (Vappyvap88).
Stream date: May 12, 2018
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  1. Was the second one about a secret society of pedos wishing to be socially accepted, but knowing it will never happen?! And then they're elated that they can avoid criminal charges by being rich?! And it's from the perspective of a member of this group called Nathadniel who thinks the laws outlawing his perversion are old-fashioned and he's going to actually go find and abuse a kid in person?! This is fucked up, guys!

  2. This is what I imagine Google Translate is doing when you're repeatedly translating something from english, to a different language, then back to english.

  3. Vinny should make a song out of the second story, with a radio switching like Jerma suggested between a deep spoken-word piece and a cheesy 80s comedy rap song. He did scoot the 'burbs, it seems feasible.

  4. im laying in bed sick right now and i thought i was dreaming about watching this video but no, it is real
    time to rewatch baybe, can't wait to fucking pass out from laughter during nathadniel part again

  5. The second story is all about a starving artist dreaming about making it big. The mimes in the story refer to himself not able truly reenact his so wanted dream but fail to make any of it a reality. He dreams about the greatness of sex and how his life would be he wants to be free to do what he wants. The second paragraph is referring to him trying to take his own life with a 45 millimeter shotgun only for it to be out of ammo with the sound of a click-clack he then becomes angry at the realization of him still being alive bashing his own dream and his thoughts of wealth praying for someone to help his dream become a reality.

    This is all I have for now

  6. Nathadniel, meet Briam, with a silent q in his name except you don’t even acknowledge the q exists. He tends the mixology bar in town.

  7. I'm legit crying. Mario killed me. My throat hurts and my shirt is soaked. I have never laughed this hard

  8. The second story sounds like an insane Ace Of Bass song on mega turbo crack featuring Scrooge McDuck.

  9. Nathadniel the Philosophical Rapper.

    His records never sold and he was unfortunately left in serious debt.

    Eventually went mad and began to think he could control time and become a caveman during a recording session.


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