[Vinesauce] Vinny, Criken, & Jerma – Mount Your Friends 3D


Vinny streams Mount Your Friends 3D for PC with guest appearance by Criken and Jerma live on Vinesauce! ►
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Twitch Livestream of Mount Your Friends 3D: A Hard Man is Good to Climb! This is a video game for PC, the stream was recorded/edited by Vappyvap (Vappyvap88).
Stream date: May 11, 2018
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Nguồn: https://beesandbows.com/

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  1. They got rid of Viper at six flags? I remember almost slipping out of that ride. Probably a good decision on their part doing that.

  2. Well I'm 6ft 5 and I can't go on any rides as I'm to fucking tall and I'm not going to ride 1 or 2 rollercoasters which I might not be to talk for as there in another state and in South Australia you can't do much

  3. There's a video on YouTube called the annoying devil throwing vomit. This guy is dressed like a red devil and he vomits in a bag and goes on a rollercoaster and throws the vomit behind him while on the roller coaster. Another one of the videos he dumped mud all over a newly washed car

  4. I don't necessarily have a word that I hate, per se, but rather a phrase- I don't understand why people from British use the phrase "going to hospital" instead of saying "going to the hospital". A hospital is a place, not a state of being.

    Can anyone in the comments section who is from British explain why that's a thing?

  5. Best batsu game has got to be the No Reaction Pie Hell, where the guy has to live an average day while getting pies thrown at him, and he can't acknowledge it.

  6. 40:54 Looks like Ralph has been working out hard ever since he last appeared on stream. Must have even turned his back on beer and pizza and changed his name. Disgraceful.

  7. I've actually been so excited to watch this, that I've just been staring at a black screen unable to press play for 3 hours now. What's wrong with me?

  8. It took Moe from Nickelodeon GUTS and Mount Your Friends 3D, but I finally heard Vinny make a heterosexual comment on stream.

  9. My friend took a Star Wars class in college. I think she did it more for fun, not really to complete anything. For the final, she literally had to make a Star Wars OC persona. So silly.


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