Vanguard EX Playthrough Part 1 – Izuru's journey begins!


Our great journey in Cardfight!! Vanguard EX begins as we are launched into the post-Koshien storyline with our brand new hot-blooded protagonist!
This playthrough will continue for quite some time, so join us for the whole journey!

You can watch the playthrough live on Twitch!

Second channel:

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#CFV #CardfightVanguard #VanguardEX


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  1. just watched this since i just came back to vanguard bcs of Zero… imagine if zero had this setup… the possibilities …

  2. May I know on what platform you played this game? And if you are using PC, where can I get the emulator? THANK YOU

  3. HI, DF! I am a new fan of yours . Wondering if you still have those character animation screenshots? Where can i get if from though?

  4. ps4 eu how do i play world matchmaking as it keeps telling me it cant find a match, even on a Japanese region ps4 account

  5. so just got this game for my us switch. My brother and I both have it. But online friend play kicked us out all the time. We played once only. Has as any one had this issue?

  6. is there ever going to be a U.S release for this game i love cardfight but it was never released in the U.S or at least have a english option to playthrough the game.

  7. Can someone please explain to me why these games are never actually localized?
    They're fucking gold mines just waiting to happen.

  8. So there’s a switch game, dude, this be dope to have dub, man I want the english here, can’t denie us some of this action.


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