Vanguard 1981 SNK Mame Retro Arcade Games


► Vanguard 1981 SNK. Endless game.

Loop 2.

1. Vanguard 1981 –
2. Vanguard 2 1984 – Not yet available.

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  1. The music in the rainbow and bleak zones sounds so out of place. Like, you’re at war trying to save an alien planet from hostile invaders or something, why is there music that sounds like it belongs in a carnival or the opening to a game show playing in the background?!?! I’m guessing it’s for the same reason that “Funkytown” plays in the background while you fight cannibals in a jungle in SNK’s own “Fantasy”.

  2. This was an awesome game for its time i loved the effects and speech and the variety of it as well as the ability to shoot in many directions at the same time and being able to become invunerable !!!
    Also some of the enemy ships looked like the Vipers from battlestar Galactica and that was an added bonus !

  3. This and Gyrus were my 2 favs. Cool games and great music. You're so much better at it than me though! Thanks for bringing back the great memories:-).

  4. Hearing the voice synthesis in this game makes me think of the bad-guys' computer in Gumby: The Movie.

  5. I have noticed that the music sounds a lot like the music of the Flash Gordon movie when the Hawkmen attacked War Rocket Ajax

  6. Thanks for posting this. I played this in the arcade when it was brand new. The sound was always cranked way up and you could here the explosions from this game outside the building almost.


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