Finally! A game designed for the soloist! Unbroken is a strategic dungeon crawl aimed at the one player crowd. There have been some great reviews so far but I wanted to give you a quick look at it in case you were interested in jumping in on the current Kickstarter. All the needed links are below……


Kickstarter link:

BGG Listing:

Full Play-through at Rolling Solo:

Nguồn: https://beesandbows.com/

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  1. "I wonder if it means at the beginning of each combat or the beginning of each combat round…" Well is says at the beginning of each combat and not each combat round so…

  2. I love this game, not trying to be rude but you should know the correct rules before doing a playthrough. There were a good amount of rules played incorrectly. It just gives off the wrong information to people watching.

  3. So glad for this play example. The stuff I heard about this game sounded pretty interesting, but after this I can see it's not really for me. Thank you so much for giving us these games a thorough look and rule overview.

  4. Hi

    How do i print and play this? I click print and play and it links me to all the print and play games not unbroken? am i being silly? Please help wanna play thins game ! thanks fot the videos too. 🙂

  5. Great to see this, pledged on kickstarter. Just getting (back) into board games and looking for decent solo games. Thanks

  6. Rahdo rolled a die to pick his monster https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=245&v=9eSfzN2xkMU . This is possible because each level's monsters are numbered 1 to 6 (near the bottom, in the line dividing the Combat Action from the Rewards ). I like your method of shuffling and revealing the top one though.

    Furthermore, I just realized that you could play the whole game without a die, even during the monsters' combat phases. Instead of rolling a die, you could shuffle all six of any one level's monsters and using the top monster's value, 1-6, each of which is equally likely.

  7. Another great video. Thanks!

    One small correction: At time 10:00 you say that Trickery can be used if you are ambushed, but I don't think that is correct. Within the Ambush section of the rules (Step 1A of Combat ) it says:

    "If you were ambushed, apply the monster’s ambush
    effect and then proceed directly to the Battle Step ."

    The Battle Step is Step 2 of the Combat section, so if you are ambushed you skip Step 1B – Trickery.

  8. Yay! The hands are back. We missed you! Love this game. I'm actually interviewing the designer of this game later this week for my podcast, The Mega Meeple.

  9. Love your playthrough, but the skill to pick 3 exploration cards could be only used once per hero level. In fact, you have to spend hero cubes in order to use all his/her skills.


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