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The last of a two part Kickstarter Preview for the upcoming game Unbroken! A Brawler finds himself alone and barely clinging to life….left in a cavern. Does our hero have the will to survive?

Unbroken is a solo game created by Artem Safarov and publishing being handled by Altema Games! Join me as I cover the Solo Setup and Rules Overview using a prototype for the upcoming Kickstarter on March 27th, 2018!

Stay tuned to the channel for a surprise regarding Unbroken coming next week and don’t forget to check out the giveaways further down!

Disclaimer: All items shown in this video are subject to change based on continued development and the upcoming Kickstarter.

“Not all adventures end well. Some groups meet their untimely demise at the hands of monsters all too soon, and Unbroken is a story of one such ill-advised expedition.

You, the player, take on the role of the sole survivor of that failed adventure. Finding yourself in hostile territory, weak and wounded, you will need to gather your wits and strength, craft weapons from scraps found around you, and attempt to tackle progressively more challenging monsters on your way out of this forsaken place.

Unbroken is a solo card game that is quick to set up and play but one that will produce a tense challenging experience.

You will collect resources representing your character’s abilities and will need to ensure that you invest in a right mix of resources to both keep yourself alive during your travels and also prepare for the gruesome monsters that wait in the dark. There are several options at your disposal – brute force, trickery, clever use of skills.

Customize your character and use your limited resources wisely – only the craftiest and the most resilient survivors will make it out alive.”

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Created & Hosted By: Adam Smith
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  1. I stopped playing this game after about 15 to 18 runs, as you cannot lose, unless you are an idiot. It's too simple, and far, far too repetitive.

  2. Unlucky, Adam
    Thanks for the playthrough. Really enjoyed watching the game unfold.
    Great stuff! 😀

    It probably wouldn't have made a lot of difference against the Wyvern, but
    4 small effort = 4 damage
    4 small effort = 1 medium effort = 3 damage

    So 4 small effort is 1 damage more than 1 medium.

    However, that is 3 damage in one attack for 1 Monster attack
    Whereas the 4 individual damages reciprocate 4 monster attacks.

    Given that a Level 4 boss is going to hit harder each turn, it is better imho to try and get more points of damage as possible per attack

    Hope that makes sense.

  3. Wait. at 41:05 you attacked. But wasn't that considered your "next attack"? Thus the goblin would ignore that? It didn't say ignore your attack this turn, it said ignore your next attack.

  4. On the Feral Hyena…How would the Special ever get triggered? It seems to me that if you did have the food to trigger the special, you would have used it for the trickery to get past the hyena in the first place. So wouldn't you have to be pretty dumb to have food yet choose to not use the trickery and have to deal with the special as well? Why would someone not spend the food? The logic of this card is boss is weird to me.

  5. During the hunger phase.
    You gain one small effort for each food that you eat.
    May have made things easier for you!

  6. Game looks great. Thanks for the play-through video! When you level up do you refresh any of the character ability blocks you used in the previous level when you level up? If so wouldn't of made sense to @ 19:27 to of used your "Power Through" ability and killed the Hyena in one shot to avoid him from attacking you?

  7. You really fumbled at the Wyvern. Improvised armor would negate the big attacks, and you should have opened with the cunning/food combat action to prevent the Steal attack. Also should have converted more small to medium before combat to increase DPS.

  8. The spike throw should have been ignored by the goblin because of its roll, because it said next attack not next turn. So I think you would have lost right there.

  9. The pace at which entertainning board games are being released is stunning. Don't know how developers are keeping this up, but happy that this is the period we are experiencing. Cheers!

  10. I'm really liking this game. Thanks for play through!

    On another note, it seems like it would be easier to keep track of the monster hitpoints the original way you had it. I guess my brain accepts that way better. 🙂

  11. Hey Adam! I think when the gnoll rolled to steal, you should not have lost your blades, as you had the Awareness skill from defeating the goblin, which says to ignore all steals in combat. Fun playthrough!

  12. This looks good. Solo players dream. Cheers for the upload Rolling Solo.

    PS. Can not believe you survived that Gnoll AND THEN the hunger phase on top of it.



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