Travis' Yee-Haw Game Ranch: Super Mario Party | S2E9


Chosen One Travis Willingham and Rusty Sidekick Brian Yee-Haw Foster are joined in the Holiday Ranch by warriors from Yee-Haw Fantasy Ranch – Sir Matthew Mercer and Sir Marisha Ray – to charge the Game Soul with some Super Mario Party, after a reunion with Flint Westwood.

The beautiful GameVerse map designed by Caeora (@Caeora) is now a Game Mat! Head to the store to help the Chosen One charge of the Game Soul:

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Original theme song by Jason Charles Miller:

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  1. Hehe, Travis and Brian in potentially itchy x-mas sweaters and Matt and Marisha in uncomfortable cosplay… Who decided on wardrobe 😂? genious…

  2. Wait… 4 great Titans? but Minnesota Jones said Laura Bailey was a Titan? woah then WHO are the other three?? also, why am I so invested in this lore?

  3. Marisha Ray booty poppin to a mario party minigame remix in a templars outfit is something I didn't know I needed in my life

  4. Wtf is Matt complaining about, the bonus star he got was the only one that required a bit of skill.

    Also Travis is gross. I don't watch this channel to get burped in my ear. fuck that.

  5. Um. Just to let ya know… the original 3 N64 Mario Party Games and Mario Party 5 for Gamecube are all significantly better than this one. Most of the others are significantly worse.

  6. I'm a simple man. I see Mario Party, I watch. I would love to see more of this now that they know how it works xD

  7. Twice I had to rewatch Flint's speech to understand what it was talking about, kept getting distracted by the head turning lol

  8. So most of those last games were just variants on the Kakuna and Metapod hardening game from the original Pokemon Stadium for N64

  9. 56:00 I don't usually watch all the way through (I'm usually here just for the puppets and some highlights), but the second game that starts at 56:00 is one long highlight. Bring on the gifs!


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