Travis' Yee-Haw Game Ranch: Portal 2 | S1E5


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Join Travis Willingham and Brian Yee-Haw Foster laugh their way through Portal 2 and get paid a visit from Flint Westwood, who shares a few precious nuggets of lost Game Ranch lore…

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  1. I have a list of random quotes in a Google doc that will always make me laugh. About 60% of the doc is made up of puppets insulting Brian

  2. Does anyone know when there's gonna be more episodes cuz I need more yehaw ranch in my life 😭😭😭😭

  3. less than 10 literal seconds into the episode and i'm already bustin a lung, that's the power of yeehaw game ranch babey

  4. In this scenario, which one is Sherlock Holmes and which one is…Katie Holmes?

    Amazing subvertion of expectations 50:25

  5. Abbot & Costello? Didn't know Travis knew so much about Australian political history. They were about as effective as their namesakes unfortunately.

  6. Normally I’d be upset when the first 8-9 minutes of a video is an intro, add read, and a bit but not when it’s with the chosen one and his gangly tightrope lookin fuck of a man butch

  7. Yo I know nothing about Portal 2 but I made timestamps enjoy

    0:07 strong opening

    0:45 sponsor ad. wait, really?

    3:05 new critter (aka Ashley murders another cast member)

    9:44 Brian meets expectations

    10:25 Why you so suspicious Brian?

    11:18 Oh that's why

    12:34 Travis problem solving

    13:08 Long con

    13:33 Recapping Ashley's TPK

    14:26 [I can't timestamp all the deaths guys we'll be here forever]

    16:31 Nice work Costello

    16:58 Cheetoh break 1 (Brian that throw was like 2 inches from your mouth smh)

    18:28 Murder gate

    18:44 Payback

    20:08 More payback

    22:34 Cheetoh break 2 (Travis don't eat off the floor smh)

    26:22 Brian summarizes the show (jk ily)

    27:05 (nvm i stand by what i said)

    30:45 Can HR get a CEO in trouble asking for a friend

    31:16 Romeo and Juliet

    43:10 Strategy goes exactly as expected

    44:00 Strategy goes exactly as expected

    44:25 Oh hey there ya go

    45:43 AI startin stuff

    46:01 Cheetoh break 3

    46:49 Travis idk what you were expecting

    48:47 Brian idk what you were expecting

    50:26 Holmes and Holmes

    51:30 Brian I think you should unionize

    53:40 Brian shows off some Spanish

    55:44 Knew you guys could do it

    1:00:30 Footage of my last two brain cells

    1:05:45 Sign off ft. Tetnus

    1:06:06 Special guest Jerry!

    1:07:48 Get out Jerry

  8. I never get a chance to watch this show live, but it brings me so much joy. You guys have come out with so much awesome content. And Displate as a sponsor is pretty sweet. We have a ton of them and they're really beautiful. Plus they plant trees for every purchase!

  9. I watch all these in two parts – one part is the gameplay, the other the abusive puppets leaving Travis wheeze-laughing

  10. It has been 8 years.

    I will never get tired of watching people screw each other over on that first elevator level.

  11. I see people commenting saying Ashley is the owl, but that sounds a whole lot like Marisha to me. Is it confirmed anywhere?


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