Travis' Yee-Haw Game Ranch: Overcooked! | S1E7


Travis Willingham and Brian Yee-Haw Foster return to the Game Ranch to take on a few rounds of Overcooked and test their friendship… again. Meanwhile, Tet’nus Terry returns to drop some lore, including mention of a mysterious Game Soul Battery…

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  1. Two best friends, with the worst teamwork. I love it. This game isn't even hard, but this is just so entertaining.

  2. I love how the kid friendly, "simpler" games like this and Mario Bros. turn into the most stressful for the boys.

  3. Good news, Travis! This is in no way indicative of the food service industry!! The food service industry is so much worse.

  4. Are these guys really this bad at these games or are they just playing like they're bad? … It doesn't look like acting.

  5. Love these guys, love the show, laughing my ass off the whole time…. But dear god they are so bad. They couldn't be worse if they played with their feet!

    Edit: Brians excuses and blaming Travis is getting worse. 9 times out of 10 its his fault, and then he spends so much time blaming Travis he screws up again… and blames it on Travis.

    Edit 2: Brian is now actively preventing things from being finished while strutting around thinking he's the best. If it weren't for Travis fixing his mess constantly nothing would get done.

  6. I love that there's clearly a story unfolding and Travis just can't keep his shit together enough to pay attention to that lore

  7. Watching them play this game while not destroying my personal stuff in frustration is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. Hahaha!!!

  8. i love you both dearly but ive never been in so much pain as i was watching you two fuck this up so badly. god help us

  9. I love these guys and I love this game, but they are sooooo bad it would be too painful to watch if I wasn't laughing the entire time.

    49:02 when they go from yelling at each other to compliments basically summarizes their dynamic.

  10. God this video is the best, I keep coming back to it on bad days. Just an hour of Travis wheezing, screaming and cussing while Brian calmly talks shit and plays the long-suffering sidekick.

  11. Fail on the boat and re-do it, succeeding through the realisation of the power of teamwork~~
    Next one: "This is MINE. Don't touch MY creation!" "GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY!"

    =__=*slow facepalm and headshake*

  12. from someone with restaurant experience Yes it can be that stressful. As far as their play think of it like Basket ball ZONE DEFENSE!!!


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