Travis' Yee-Haw Game Ranch: Overcooked 2 | S2E7


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Realm Walker Laura Bailey returns to the Game Verse with Chosen One Travis Willingham to play a few rounds of Overcooked 2!

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  1. Oh my god there's like 800% less yelling in this game when it's Laura and Travis compared to Brian and Travis. 😂

  2. All of it is amazing, but this exchange at 10:14 damn near knocked me out
    "Don't take my plate! Shithammer."
    "Did you ca…did my husband just call me a shithammer?!"

  3. Having scrolled through the comments how has barely anyone joked about how Laura Bailey must have said, “ Travis Willingham, put it on, I’m waiting for you” several times in their relationship?

  4. Did I hear Travis saying "Welcome back everyone to another episode of Travis' Yee-Haw Game Ranch: Divorce Edition" @0:16

  5. 12:00 I thought would be funny if Laura tried to steal one of Travis snacks after all the shit he gets for trying to steal all've hers… 12:50 that look came pretty close

  6. If your gonna get candy corn look for vegan candy corn since it doesn’t have gelatin it doesn’t have a waxy taste to it

  7. I absolutely love Travis' teakettle laugh when something really gets him going, and the fact just spending time with Laura and being silly with her makes him laugh like that so much shows how much they enjoy being around each other, even if they do have to work on their cooking organization skills 😛

  8. You guys should play jump force which is an anime game which that will be cool you guys can play that game in the next episode or some episodes

  9. Everytime Laura says "Travis Willingham what are you doing?!" She sounds like a side kick character to Travis lol

  10. Freaking relationship goals, from yelling over veggies in a kitchen, to confusing candy corn with carrots, to calling your significant other a shit hammer. Love this group of people.

  11. No surprise: Laura is better at this game than Travis is…and she still isn't that great at it. These guys are adorable. 😀

  12. This game must be a resturant workers worst nightmare, litterarly. "And then I dreamt that the resturant was a giant air baloon, and the baloon crashed 'cause we weren't fast enough so the resturant was nothing but a ruin, AND I STILL NEEDED TO DO THE DISHES!!!"


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