Travis' Yee-Haw Game Ranch: Outlast | S2E6


The Chosen One Travis Willingham and his sidekick, Brian Yee-Haw Foster continue to charge the Spooky Ranch’s game soul with Outlast gameplay. They also are visited by an old friend…

The beautiful GameVerse map designed by Caeora (@Caeora) is now a Game Mat! Head to the store to help the Chosen One charge of the Game Soul:

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Original theme song by Jason Charles Miller:

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  1. So first time watching game ranch, I thought the premise was "watch travis and brian play a game". much to my surprise I get like 20 minutes of…. Lore? The fuck is this?

  2. Brian looking like a sulky kid absolutely dejected while saying "This is it for me. This is Halloween. Today is my Halloween. I'm dressed up, I'm scared, I wanna go home" had me in tears for 5 minutes.

  3. any way to switch the picture in picture screens? I am way more entertained by and interested in Trais reaktions than the game XDD

  4. Travis: I'm using my battery conservatively.
    Also Travis: Unnecessarily uses night vision as much as possible.

  5. the way Travis has the night vision on all the time is really stressing me out. He's wasting so much battery and when there actually is light in the room it makes everything so much harder to see

  6. I know Im so late but Travis mentioning wanting to play fun "mario-esque" games makes me desperately want them to play Sonic.exe style games next year.

  7. Universal video game experience: something bad happens, but you still have a crucial item (i.e. the camera) "Oh that's so nice of them to leave me with it!"

  8. 'Batterezi…" I'm glad I'm not the only one who quotes True Lies every time I change the batteries in a video game, Travis.


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