Town of Salem – Bad Jailor Play (Ranked)


Here I intentionally make a bad play on purpose to show you guys what not to do as a Jailor and it goes perfectly according to plan. Man I’m so smart and good at this game.


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  1. 9:40

    Coven: I'm BG
    Kirk: I cc that
    Coven: Fuck you
    Kirk: Fuck your mum

    Absolutely brilliant, you love to see two intellectual titans going at it like that.

  2. Man, your scumreads are good. No one who's watched you play for any length of time would argue otherwise.

    That said, dude took 5 seconds to claim in jail. Some people are like me, typing like an ape with Parkinson's. Again, your scumreading is great, but your threshold for "fucking forever" might be a little short.

  3. Coven wasn't going on you anyways. Sincerely, you jailing Corwin would have changed NOTHING.
    Now, had you jailed the WW… What were you eve thinking?

  4. Recently watched Shiki because you recommended it in a previous ToS video and I really liked it, I binge watched it in two days.
    Any other animes you'd recommend?

  5. So I decide to go into Ranked Practice, and I get jailor. Off the start two townies leave, next, 1 dies n1 and another 2 leave the next day. N2 I exe WW after he took too long to claim and so we are down 5 against only Mafia due to jester dying. However we have a stupid Vet who I jail n1 and gets all bitchy about me jailing him for vet bait, even though he could have been anything. Spy dies claiming mafia visited him, so that means he is town becuz he was visited. NO, since he was jailed he says Im stupid becuz he couldn't be visited, even though if you are jailed and visited, the visit goes through spy log but the effects dont go on who was visited. He ends up lynching me with the mafia becuz he is too butthurt on the fact I jailed him N1. God I love Ranked Practice

  6. A big problem with mafia is that if town has a spy that immediately shuts down any maf visiting roles or else maf starts confirming town. Something needs to change

  7. ok so why is it that when your jailor, you always jail the spy that doesn't claim spy d2? why can't all spies know to claim d2?

  8. There is no such thing as "too aggressive" when what you are doing makes you win. And more often than not your aggressive playstyle causes people to make mistakes and wins you games.

  9. Looks like you finally got punished to taking too long to decide to jail someone. You still played well but I also get tensed everytime you last minute jail someone

  10. I'm here! was it ok that i never outed myself as mayor in this game? I learn a lot from your videos and I really like Town of Salem. I definitely respect your tactics of claiming roles without fear. one thing you said in one of your vids was something like "even if you are an important role if they attack you then they aren't attacking jailor". That resonated with me. anyway i wasn't sus at any point so i think it was ok this game to stay hidden. but i felt bad when you said "no one is claiming" and you didn't know my role. Anyways I'm still the worst jailor of all time, slowly getting better. I hope i never throw a game with you on my team. Thanks for the vids man

  11. My new -200 iq thing as jailor. When I jail them I ask them a question and if they answer it before they put their role then they are sus.

    Example What football team do you like

    Dodgers (dodgin them hate)


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