Top 10 Video Game Cheap Shots!


A compilation of nut shots, cunt punts, groin kicks, crotch crackers, ball busts, taco breakers…uh, what other names are there…pussy punches, dick destroyers…uh,…

Some of the best low blows in video games! Features games like Street Fighter, Urban Reign, Bloody Roar, Mortal Kombat, Aggressors of Dark Kombat, Killer instinct, Tekken, Soul Calibur…the list goes on and on!

Music credits:
0:00 “Epic Calling” Soul Blade
1:14 Kensei Sacred Fist – Building Theme
2:37 Ryo Sakazaki’s AOF theme remix from Fatal Fury Special
2:58 Paul Phoenix’s Tekken 3 theme
5:23 “Let’s Get it On” SF3: Third Strike Character Select
6:49 “Touch and Go” Tekken 4 airport stage
10:28 “Do It Now!” Jago’s Theme from Killer Cuts album
11:45 King of the Monster’s first stage (Genesis/Mega Drive version)
13:20 “Kkaduri” Seung Mina Soul Blade arranged
14:54 Kilik SC1
15:24 Taki Soul Blade

Don’t be disappoint. I not just ordinary cutesy.

Beware of Kisarah “The Kreeper” Westfield!

マン的と金的の蹴りが痛いゲーム compilation video!


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  1. For more "quality" content like this, check out my playlist!

  2. Can this game be played competitively? If yes, then I will play this game with my cousins and put the video on my other YouTube channel

  3. Since his move is called balls to the wall, why not say clams to the wall 😆😆👍you did claim your open to suggestions.

  4. In my culture, we have a phrase for the female version. It's called "cracking the bean". The clitoris is called a bean and hitting it does hurt. Instead of "box on the rocks" I would go with "on the button" or "kiss my boots" to refer to hitting the valva. Too bad I'm 9 years late for this.

  5. And now MK11 Terminator's running man grab KB would be 1st place. This guy literally crushes the opponents' balls with his heavy metallic foot

  6. wow, a nine year old video. after watching this, I will go to your latest vid and see how your content improved. and what the hell…. 2011 was 9 years ago! it felt like it was only 3 years ago


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