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Episode 82 – Ys is a great series that has a lot of amazing games that most people don’t know much about. As usual, all games recorded from real hardware.

Ys IV PC Engine CD English translation patches:
Text patch – – 442kb
Dub patch – – 105 MB
Read Me (instructions and credits) –

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  1. Ys V is just a bad experience in my opinion, no matter where or how you play it. It defines boredom.

    Oh, and you should revisit this video topic, as this video is very outdated now.

  2. All that you touch
    And all that you see
    All that you taste
    All you feel
    And all that you love
    And all that you hate
    All you distrust
    All you save
    And all that you give
    And all that you deal
    And all that you buy
    Beg, borrow or steal
    And all you create
    And all you destroy
    And all that you do
    And all that you say
    And all that you eat
    And everyone you meet (everyone you meet)
    And all that you slight
    And everyone you fight
    And all that is now
    And all that is gone
    And all that's to come
    And everything under the sun is in tune
    But the sun is released ONLY IN JAPAN

  3. Just watched this for the first time. If you haven't figured it out in the last 6 years, the other game on Falcom Classics II is Asteka 2, which came out in the US as Tombs & Treasure on NES.

  4. Don’t say GD dumb ass but other than that loved the video please update it’s been 6 years. Ps. This channel is very nice to listen to while working

  5. Amazing video. Thank you so much. I plan on watching this multiple times as it really helps with finding definitive versions and I’m not great at memorization. Thanks a ton.

  6. Omg I need to get into the Ys series 🙂 I have a bunch of roms and one of the games downloaded on steam

  7. The FM soundtracks on these Master System games sound out-of-place good. It makes no sense to my video game instincts on a system this old.


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