The PS3™ Guides: Joining the PlayStation®Network


Once you’ve connected your PlayStation®3 online, you’d want to join the PlayStation Network — your gateway to a world of online entertainment spanning games, movies, TV, music and more.

Joining the PlayStation Network is free and in this guide we’ll show you how to:
– Create a Sony Entertainment Network account via your PS3 or PC
– Sign into the PlayStation Network on your PS3
– Access the PlayStation Store for all your games, movie and TV content
– Add funds to your digital wallet using credit cards or pre-paid PlayStation Network cards
– Manage your account options

Don’t forget to check out the other video guides in the series to learn how to use other online services — including on-demand movies and TV, catch up TV and streaming music.


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    P.S. Oddly enough the Japanese consider debit card as a credit card as well. So it too can be used.

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