The Pine Marten is Nature's Most Adorable Assassin!



Coyote Peterson claims the ability to climb trees like a cat, but is he nimble enough to follow a lightning quick Pine Marten all the way to the top? Without a doubt it’s going to be a tricky climb up but really it’s the getting down that’s going to be the challenge! Check out this episode and see one of nature’s most adorable assassin’s in it’s natural environment – the Pine Marten in the high canopy’s of Montana!

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal enthusiast Coyote Peterson and his crew as they explore a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments throughout North America! 

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  1. In case anyone else is wondering why Bozeman sounded so familiar and missed most of the video furiously googling: in 2063 First Contact between Vulcans and Humans occurs after Zephram Cochrane launches the first warp engine from Earth from a silo in Bozeman, Montana. Anyway, gotta rewatch focusing on pine martens instead of Star Trek

  2. Let’s see you climb up and grab a Fisher Cat! Fishers are my favorite wild animal. Ferocious, independent and beautiful!

  3. My favorite by far is the European Polecat. Damn they are feisty little murdering monsters and as cute as hell.

  4. wolverine: they made 3 movies about them, 5 if you count red dawn.

    but seriously, marbled polecat gotta be the cutest.

  5. Going with more facial hair, good for you, for that Wilderness Man since most mammals you're introducing are furry …. or to blend-in-better?

  6. Oh dude, I'm only 2:14 seconds in and there are already 2 factual errors in this video: skunk are not mustelids; wolverine are mustelids and ALSO have semi-retractable claws… Coyote needs a fact checker.

  7. That's not a normal pine marten lol, that's an American marten/martes americana, they don't really count… A completely different species.
    Also not part of "the weasel family", they only share the mustelid family with them which is the world's largest carnivore family… Shares it with badgers, ferrets, skunks, otters and all that, weasels are just one random other member of the genus.

  8. Description: She's quick and nimble when she needs to be, she can float through the air, and climb up trees


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