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Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes (sometimes called Pineapple Tarts) are one of Taiwan’s best food souvenirs. The crust is similar to a buttery shortbread and the filling is just the right amount of sweetness with a bit of tart. My pineapple cake recipe is made with 100% pineapple filling. Served warm, these cakes are heavenly. Full Recipe & Ingredients on my blog:

For Extra Tips & Tricks on how to make this (including where I got my molds), check out Part 2 of my Pineapple Cake video:

I’m using a KitchenAid 5 Qt. Artisan Stand Mixer

Dress by Frenchi from Nordstrom
Color in Green Placid

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  1. I found that a 20oz can of pineapple slices, after chopped up, only yielded about 3/4 cup of pineapple…. which means I would need two cans. On the site it only calls for one can. Is that about right?

  2. Me : Mom! I need Oven
    Mom : why?
    Me : I want to Bake a Cake!
    Mom : We dont have enough space for oven in our kitchen -,-
    Me : NOOO!

    🙂 well, i rhink i will never bake this cake 😭

  3. I’ve visited Taiwan 5 times in 3 years, was due to visit again in June but due to Covid-19 in England I’ve had to cancel my flight 🙁 I will make these this weekend to remind me of your beautiful island. That’s for the recipe, you make it look so easy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. @AngelWong'sKitchen I do not have powdered milk on hand, and due to the pandemic, I cannot go out and buy some. So what would be a way to substitute the powdered milk for whole milk?

  5. I make this 2 times in a row, next time I'll just double the recipe. The milk powder is heaven, smell so good, don't skip it guys!

  6. I will defenitely make this for CNY, thank you sooo much Angel for sharing this recipe, very good and clear explanation

  7. I made this recipe in grams, but i found my dough too oily or buttery, so that i cant form solid balls. I think your recipe need more flour. What should i do?

  8. My mom uses fresh pineapples and obliterates it in the blender before boiling with sugar. Give is a nice, soft texture when you bite into the filling.

  9. Love your recipes and have had success with many, but I really wish you would state quantities in weight rather than in terms such as spoons and cups. Just tell us how many ounces or grams rather than cups. I have no idea what a stick of butter is, in Oz butter is typically sold in 250g blocks and googles tells me a stick is 110g or 4oz, so why not not simply say 4oz butter? How much is a cup of cake flour, in Oz that is 250g but apparently using a US cup is half that at 140g. Thanks again for the excellent videos but please keep in mind that a USA teaspoon or tablespoon are not the same size as in other countries.

  10. I recently found your channel and I love it. I looked through your videos to see if you made a video for chinese egg tart. And I didn't see one. Can you please make a video for Chinese egg tart? It's one of my favorite thing to eat. Thanks.

  11. We tried it but we kinda failed… 2nd attempts was much better!! We miss Pineapple cakes so much! btw, check out our Taiwan trip vids! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBRESjXVz1c&list=PLdX0hGgbXasgLdQVk3YL-J9YdB0SeXMyx

  12. Thanks for setting up your channel, I'm searching for Taiwanese cooking vids in English to my international friends. Thanks so much!

  13. Okay, so it's not that they are scamming me with 50% pineapple on purpose. I bought these type of cakes at 99 Ranch and they were only 50% pineapple. The other half is wintermelon. I went and bought other flavors like "mango" that doesn't taste like mango. There are also a cantaloupe and blueberry. I hope either is better than the others. I guess I'll make my own, because i'm not paying more than $5 a package for real pineapple. All of them are not very good and have a "Durianesque/gassy" smell to them.

  14. 'Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes', "Bodaciously Awesome"!! 'Love' Pineapple and 'Loving' your recipe. Keep up the "Totally Awesome Work"👍😄 ❤️️ ❤️️ 很好

  15. The music background is really annoying…! how can you expect people listen to you with loud music like that …!?!?!!!!


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