Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Charging Port Repair Guide


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Long-time charging or other stuffs blocking would easily lead to a damage to the USB Board, in which situation it might fail to charge. This video shows you how to repair the broken Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Charging Port, and ways to replace a new USB Board.

1. Heat gun/hair dryer;
2. Guitar Picks –
3. T5 Torx screwdriver –
4. Spudger –
5. Tweezers
6. Suction Cup

Step1 Remove the Back Cover
Step2 Remove the Battery
Step3 Remove the Motherboard
Step4 Remove the Damaged Charging Port
Step5 Install the New Charging Port
Step6 Put back the Motherboard
Step7 Put back the Battery
Step8 Put back the Back Cover

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  1. перед этим смотрел видос, а чувак на самом интересном говорит, ну я на паузу поставлю, а потом покажу что получилось

  2. коротко и ясно, многим стоит поучится так делать

  3. Can someone tell me what is this part beetween headphone port and usb port? this in corner 2 of them . ( i need to fix that )

  4. Top video – just took the charging port out of one with a smashed screen and put in another that just needed a new port. Easy, but fiddly. Thank you for this video.

  5. Sony xperia m4aqua e2303 charging port

    Sony xperia m4aqua e2363 charging port

    Dono me difrance kiya hai kiya

  6. i had issues with 2 m4's. i swapped parts out to make one phone work and ended up with 2 broken phones. the video shows taking everything apart way too easy. like they're just put there and you can just slide everything out. Proceed with extreme caution. there were several parts that totally broke from not wanting to come unstuck. i broke something on both motherboards. the signal connector was a bitch to remove on my first one. the part on the antenna bent then couldn't unclip from the board. when i finally got it off of the board, the left part of the soldering broke and lifted off the board. i tried pushing it down to see if it was actually broken then it came off completely. i got one phone to work but now won't connect to any network. super. lame.

  7. Mere pass ye hi phone hai uss me baat karte hai too heet karta hai. Or baad me band hoo jaata hai.

    Too bataiye ki problam kya hai esme.

  8. my phone wasnt connecting with pc , so I changed this charging port because was damaged,but still it is not connecting , and there not shows for choose conneciton mode , do you know how to fix it ?

  9. Motherboard can be easily pulled out without taking out the battery first… So i suggest, taking out motherboard first and then changing the screen. Otherwise battery can be easily damaged 🙁

  10. my m4 aqua is a real piece of shit. My back camera is blury, the signal is not working properly, wi-fi disconnects every time, the battery life is going down, usb charging port lost 1 pin, has only 3 now, and my cell phone is 1 year old. Now im aware why sony is broke. Nevertheless, nice video bro.

  11. Did this by myself last week and it was successful. Just came here to thank you guys for the tips! By the way, I almost had a heart attack when replacing the pieces back after changing the usb port. They're too tightly assembled.

  12. I took my phone to the store after it stopped charging and they replace the charging port… but after an hour or two of charging it stopped charging again

  13. +witrigs
    I'm no expert at fixing mobiles, so if i take this task on it will be my first. I've fixed computers and watches in the past… I have the general knowledge about this and the patience. So my question is how hard of a task is this between 0-10 for a first timer?

  14. my m4 broke a week after but when i got a replacement and fixed it. it wouldn't charge. And yes, i did not charge my phone the whole week.

  15. Is the sticker important?
    And can you tell what's the damage of my phone. Because when I charge it. The led light blinks and its not charging. Sorry for bad english.

  16. Hello, If the data transmission works fine but my Xperia M4 take a long time to charge 100% (More than 4 hours for 100%) ¿what could be failing the charger or the battery?

  17. thanks this help me fix my phone. It would not charge properly. The charge light would be flickering for a few minutes and then go out and not charge battery. got the usb port off ebay for about £3 and after some struggling got the phone apart and replaced it. It is more difficult to remove the parts than it looks in the video. I only continued with brute force as had nothing to lose if I broke something else (the screen was already cracked and so other option was to bin it. ) You should only attempt this if you are willing risk breaking the phone completely. getting the back off is difficult, getting the battery out is difficult, removing the main board is difficult. Everything is either glued down or wedged in. God knows how they make these things by the million it took me two hours to do this repair.


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