Shoutout to p1rz666 for the Skate 2 shirt! I appreciate it brother 🙂

First time going back to the first Skate game in years and yes EA’s Skate 1 is still amazing over a decade later! I talk about it in the video but I’ll ask here too. Would you guys like to see a playthrough of the first Skate game? I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but hesitated because I only now have a capture card. I also wouldn’t want to do it at the same time as Toasty because he has also talked about doing a playthrough of that game. Like Toasty has said though, we wouldn’t play it the same way. If you simply want more Skate 1 videos but not a playthrough series I could do that too 🙂 Hope you enjoy this nostalgia filled Skate 1 video!

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  1. They're making a new Skate, but i'm worried they're going to make it like the later Skate games, the first one was the best

  2. i love the spinning in this game. i wish it varied more, but doing 900s are fun as hell, especially on a halfpile, where you have to spin jt perfectly.

  3. One thing that i feel that is underappreciated is that there was less skate spots than the following games which I feel makes the game better and feel more realistic, in skate you sort of had to go look for cool spots and then when you'd come across one you get all excited. The other games they threw insane skate spots everywhere! it was too much, didnt feel realistic and would desensitize you. Skate is still my favorite out of all of them

  4. anyone remember being in freeskate lobbies with friends at 2am doing the elevator glitch to get to the top of skyscrapers? good times.

  5. Tbh everyone just wanted realistic skating in skate 1 and it, then the other skate games tricklines were introduced which ruined the realistic part.

  6. Me and my friends would play months and months on the same rail and try to beat each others scored 😀 it was a rail on staircase it was awesome


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