Singularity Part 3 | Sci-Fi Horror Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough


Renko finds the TMD, allowing him to access many new abilities.

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Learn the truth behind a massive cover-up of the catastrophic SINGULARITY, an event that fractured time and threatens the world as we know it. Armed with powerful, advanced weaponry and the experimental Time Manipulation Device, fight enemies from the past, the present, and abominations caught somewhere in between.

Key Features:
Use the TMD – Time Manipulation Device – to change the age of objects and enemies and bend time to your will.
Age enemies to dust in seconds, manipulate objects outside the laws of gravity, and degrade objects to a withered state or renew them to their pristine form.
Unlock upgrades to harness the TMD’s full power and expand your full arsenal of advanced weaponry.

Heart-pounding, first person combat action that immerses you in a world where the past and present collide.
Travel seamlessly between two eras – 1950s Russia and modern day – each rendered with stunning lighting, physics, and effects using the Unreal 3 Engine.

Traverse the blur between the past and future in order to stop the mysterious SINGULARITY that threatens the world.

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  1. Now im reminded f half life,rage, and time splitters…maybe fracture too…alot of good ideas that went a long way with other games…higly under rated

  2. Again, here I sit begging you to go on with this as soon as possible. This time because I actually bought and started playing it but I am not that well at shooters tbh, so I'll go on spoiling myself, watch you play first and then try it on my own. (I am in the middle of your second video right now and let's just say… I am not half as good as you are in taking everyone out.)

  3. and in today's episode, Singularity starts to become Dead Space. Cue CJU never walking towards a dropped item ever again and instead just Kinesis-ing the thing to himself.

  4. It looks like you forgot to equip the improved accuracy perk from the augmentor. It said after you purchase it, you will need to equip it.

  5. I've just realized that I've seen this game played before but yet I can't stop watching you Even if I remember the end, I'm still going to be here until your done! This game, the graphics, the creatures as well as the weapons are keeping my eyes glued to the monitor. I'm all ready for part 4!! 🙂

  6. Hah… if you were to play it when it was released you wouldn't have any textures. It took them a while to fix the texture loading, so you are lucky you found it so late. Back then situation was really bad. This is the first time devs were working on Unreal Engine, I guess.
    This and a relatively easy difficulty were the biggest problem of this game, not being the Bioshock ripoff. Though it's hard to hide the influences of the popular games at a time. Similar situation to Timeshift, which wore a huge resemblance to Half-Life 2, but with time manipulating. Can we call these games an Exploitation Games? 🙂

  7. Russian language in games will always make me smile … "Периодический стол из элементы" 😀 16:56
    In English this would sound like 'Periodic desk/dining-table/coffee-table (or whatever table but not the one meant) made of elements'
    Which is true…because…everything is made of … some elements

  8. I'm more into horror than Sci-fy so when I heard about time manipulation and travel like aspects at first, I didn't think I'd like it but I find this game even better than resident evil 2 so thank you for playing it!

  9. I'm liking this game more and more with all the new toys you are getting (although more toys means more keys… I would probably Q when I should F or F when I should E. lol!)

  10. Joining the chorus of thanks for the two uploads today, CJU. I'm really loving the look of this game (very BioShock-ish), the seeming fluidity, and all the ways to blast people to bits. ☠ ツ


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