Singularity Part 1 | Sci-Fi Horror Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough


Crash landing on Katorga-12, Renko begins to phase between the present and 1955, the date of a catastrophic accident on the island.

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Learn the truth behind a massive cover-up of the catastrophic SINGULARITY, an event that fractured time and threatens the world as we know it. Armed with powerful, advanced weaponry and the experimental Time Manipulation Device, fight enemies from the past, the present, and abominations caught somewhere in between.

Key Features:
Use the TMD – Time Manipulation Device – to change the age of objects and enemies and bend time to your will.
Age enemies to dust in seconds, manipulate objects outside the laws of gravity, and degrade objects to a withered state or renew them to their pristine form.
Unlock upgrades to harness the TMD’s full power and expand your full arsenal of advanced weaponry.

Heart-pounding, first person combat action that immerses you in a world where the past and present collide.
Travel seamlessly between two eras – 1950s Russia and modern day – each rendered with stunning lighting, physics, and effects using the Unreal 3 Engine.

Traverse the blur between the past and future in order to stop the mysterious SINGULARITY that threatens the world.

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  1. When you were telling Devlin to shush so you could watch the projector that made me laugh. Then it got even better when you said Devlin you want me to pick up the fucking shot gun I will pick up the fucking shot gun son of a bitch lmao. I couldn't laugh to loud though since I'm at work. Which is why I'm watching this play through now instead of when it first came out. I've been going through all your old play throughs and watching them to pass the time at work.

  2. I liked this game when I played it long ago and I'd still say it's pretty decent. But man… so many little details that just seem so weird now. Thank goodness everyone on this Russian research island spoke English and even wrote down their notes in English too! I guess E-99 also allowed the Russians to put scroll bars on paper? 21:47 Of course it sounds like this game might've been rushed out and on top of that I think most developers these days have figured out ways to avoid these weird things from being too apparent. Like I think if this came out today they might've just had no paper behind the text, making it clear that what the player is reading isn't literally what is written, and perhaps our character knows Russian.

    Also I like that this game isn't afraid to show how the civilians on the island were affected. The families being separated and the children afraid. Really sets a dire tone.

  3. Singularity is (profanity) great!! I'd mention Prey, Dead Space too if you like this type of game.

  4. I played singularity a loooong time ago. I didn't get it when it first came out but it was like the 3rd game I had on ps3 and I thought it was pretty great! I'd love to see a next gen sequel or remake because it had a lot of interesting mechanics and I think the story and game play could have been expanded on

  5. Just wanted to say that I love your videos and content. You pick interesting play throughs and have some great reactions. I watch your content regularly and enjoy it while winding down. Thank you so much for doing what you do mate. Best wishes


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