Shepherd's Crossing – 5 – Red Chickens & Golden Basset!!


Hello, friends, and welcome to Metapod’s Let’s Play Shepherd’s Crossing. This is a new series, and I plan to get the secret ending and fill Brammy’s diary, as well as discuss strategy and planning in the game, so this could also effectively work as a strategy guide or walkthrough for the game as well.

Shepherd’s Crossing by SUCCESS, published by Valcon, for PlayStation 2. Get it here:

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4 thoughts on “Shepherd's Crossing – 5 – Red Chickens & Golden Basset!!”

  1. Hi mate Im playing the PSP version of this game there are wooden boxes for seeds and ducks collecting/carrying seeds for me but why they dont leave them to boxes or how am I supposed to do that?

  2. I would recommend for marmot meat hunting instead of breeding, with the points you can feed all your farm with seed pots, hay buckets, and straight up marmot meat in the gifts section. the best hunt I found is wild marmot, on occasion the other dogs will call a rabbit too and you can get rabbit meat even after winning the hunt.

  3. Great videos I have barely see any of this game on youtube so it is good to now someone is doing it I have played it personally not that one

    And the gold wonder dog 😄

  4. Metapod, I suggest you get rid of the marmots. They eat all of the seeds, and unlike chickens and rabbits they don't have something you sell, like eggs or fur, where they continually make it. Great episode as always. All hail Dennis, the golden hound, the chosen one.


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