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Lots of cute alternate colors, though still nothing but that one tan one for rabbits! We even get an alt color puppy!! Also I suck at managing disk space!

Hello, friends, and welcome to Metapod’s Let’s Play Shepherd’s Crossing. This is a new series, and I plan to get the secret ending and fill Brammy’s diary, as well as discuss strategy and planning in the game, so this could also effectively work as a strategy guide or walkthrough for the game as well.

Shepherd’s Crossing by SUCCESS, published by Valcon, for PlayStation 2. Get it here:

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  1. Hey metapod ive been playing this game for a while and ive noticed in your videos that storms seem to be a problem. Ive leanred that if a storm happens and you have a few babies you dont want to lose simply pick them up and hold them till the storm passes and then they wont die. Very helpful later in the game when you have sheep babies or something that takes forever to breed. Also to solve your forever lactating dogs if you throw them in a pen theu cant het out of they wont starve but will eventually go back to normal and you can save some meat in the process for your other dogos. 🙂 love this game and im glad someone finally made a play through of it.

  2. Could u name a retriever after me if possible a black or white one if not then just go reg as spirit or Chloe 🙂 I love ur channel btw and am never unsubing also when I play the game I always put the pine trees in a pen like u have but the barn were the little hole fenced part it and put boars in there I got 30 truffles that way

  3. I'm enjoying the series but I wanna see you get the relatives its killing me and trust me they may get in the way but they help wayyyyyy more

  4. I love your set up. My Farm is a mess lol i triedd to put it in different ways but your farm looks so organized i am like ahh. I am the kind of person that likes to make things look nice so, idk i just started playing, and to be honest if it wasn't for you i wouldn't even be able to finish up to winter. I replayed it too. The first time i played it, i got stuck on winter. So, then i realized when you planted a bunch of pasture that it was necessary. Plus having a lot of stuff planted keeps you busy in the game, instead of just passing the days. I kept passing the days and my animals were ok, except my bunnies. But, i watched your videos of SC while playing SC and it helped. I tried to play before watching your vids that way i learn things on my own. But you really helped me start, i was a mess. =] I was hoping you put a video 7 of SC.

  5. I'm enjoying this series so far, it surprise me that there isn't that many views. I love this game and use to play it a long time ago, and I remember whenever there is a storm I'll pick up the babies before I advance the day. Nothing should happen to them if they are in your inventory if I remember correctly ^^

  6. I would have gone to the stream, but I don't have internet access past 5:00 pm.
    Oh well, great episode. Don't worry about the missing footage, any footage is great. 🙂 Will you be doing a let's play of the new pokemon game? I know a lot of people don't like the new pokemon or mega evolution.


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