Shepherd's Crossing – 3 – End of Chapter 1


Lots of fun hunting, a million white babies, and some daikon sprouts 😛 And we finish Chapter 1 and move into Chapter 2, A Tale of Wheat. The farm is expanded!

Hello, friends, and welcome to Metapod’s Let’s Play Shepherd’s Crossing. This is a new series, and I plan to get the secret ending and fill Brammy’s diary, as well as discuss strategy and planning in the game, so this could also effectively work as a strategy guide or walkthrough for the game as well.

Shepherd’s Crossing by SUCCESS, published by Valcon, for PlayStation 2. Get it here:

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  1. I'm sad this franchise didn't catch on….there was a ton of improvement in 2, but there was still so much more I could've seen them doing with the games over time… could have been great. They just needed a little polishing.

  2. I've always started a new game of this to try and make sure I have a decent abundance of each animal, but I always wind up running out, or they keep dying, or eating everything they're not supposed to! I'm always playing this game, and I love it so much, you can never really play it the same way twice. Your videos really help in guiding the course of the game. The farthest I ever got was… worms. I got worms at one point in this game. XD! Definitely interesting gameplay and you have a new subscriber! ^_^

  3. YES! This was so great. Thank you so much for naming one after me! I will be the best hunting dog ever. I started laughing so hard when you got so excited that the baby bunny lived and then it just went "nope!" Have fun rearranging all those fences 😀


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