Shepherd's Crossing – 1 – Marmot breeding simulator.


Starting the game and breeding some marmots. I get a WHITE one yayayay.

Hello, friends, and welcome to Metapod’s Let’s Play Shepherd’s Crossing. This is a new series, and I plan to get the secret ending and fill Brammy’s diary, as well as discuss strategy and planning in the game, so this could also effectively work as a strategy guide or walkthrough for the game as well.

Shepherd’s Crossing by SUCCESS, published by Valcon, for PlayStation 2. Get it here:


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  1. This game was my childhood. One of the best games I've ever played. I think think back to this game like every day

  2. I got this game when I was 7-8ish, and I still have it. I absolutely ADORE this game, and it's always fun to return to it now and again. This game is greatly different from Harvest Moon, and I should know, because I own many games in that series. This game is incredibly underrated, and I've just absolutely adored it since I was young.

  3. This is my all time favorite game without a doubt it’s just so fun and addicting it’s just something about this game

  4. I'm already to the second market and I found it again and restarted today XD I had it since I was born (2005)

  5. I had just barely decided to dig up my old ps3. At first I started playing HM: Save the Homeland, but the game froze and my poor ps2 wouldn't play it again… 😭 so I decided to pop in this game because it's another game I've been thinking about lately. Holy cow, I had completely forgotten what the opening song was like! 😍😍😍 I fell in love all over.

    Now to play this game after, er…. 3+, maybe and most likely more, years later. 😂 Had my ps2 since I was, uh… 10, maybe? Since before I moved back to the states about 8 years ago. 😂😂😂

  6. hey man where do i get a copy of the game i played it when i was a kid and would like to play it again could u send me a link from where u got it from plz respond

  7. I played the heck out of it and beat the game but I didnt know where to find the other farm stores so it took me a few days to find where to buy a sheep

  8. I love this game! 🙂 A couple years before this had its English release my parents had announced their divorce and though I knew it was their decision and I didn't complain out loud, I got incredibly depressed which is really hard on a pre-teen. When this game came here it was the year before I started high-school, which was just another stress factor for me. Shepherd's Crossing helped me so much during this time, it was a peaceful, slow-paced game with nice music and the need to sort your objects and be able to survive the years it took to grow some things was a great way to keep me engaged and help me alleviate my stress. 
    Unfortunately in high-school when my parents eventually moved into two different houses, I lost the game in the move, but I always think about it!

  9. I'm new to your channel, but I just wanted to say I really like the way you talk throughout the video, I don't know, it's just so relaxing.. and I also like the way you present the game, it's focused and informative. 🙂

  10. hey metapod when is your next stream? id love to attend 😀 also I fount the shepards crossing 2 for the ds

  11. I played the sequel of this game for awhile. I like the theme it was going for and it was fun. I doubt they'll make a 3rd game, but it was nice. I even married.

  12. when I first played this game it didn't make much sense so I quite after 5 minutes than I played it again 3 years layer after I got iand I apsolutel love it

  13. The best system for raising marmets is whenever you get a female keep it and when you get a male keep it this applies to any animal in the game I think if it is the same as the previous one

  14. I love your commentaries! This is my favorite game of all time, I could spend all day playing it. Glad someone appreciates it!

  15. If you liked this game I can't not recommend Shepherd's Crossing for DS which I found much better if you can get past the simple graphics and if you can get your hands on it. 


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