Set a Sim Card pin for extra security


In this quick video I just thought I would show you an another security feature that some people really don’t know that is present in mobile phones. How to set Sim Card pin for extra security. I know a lot of people have one of these set on your phone and it’s a pass code. What people really don’t understand is that these can be hacked and they can be wiped and especially if someone is standing over your shoulder and they see you going on your phone on a night out typing in your pass code. The next thing then you set your phone down, someone takes it. Next thing then they are in through your stuff and what ever else. Next thing they are in through your stuff and what ever else. If they end up turning the phone off what you are better off doing is having it set so you have got a sim card pin.

Now mines is simply the Nexus 5, so you just go into your settings, mines is under security. Then you go in and the setup sim card lock. Obviously you can change your pin to whatever you want. The first time you do it, it will ask you for a pin code mines is 5 digits, put it in then confirm it. Then when you have your phone turned off and turn it on it will ask you for your sim card pin, You put your sim card pin in then your pass code. So that then means that for instance if anybody decides to come along and takes out your sim card and puts it into another phone they can practically use that in another phone. So it is always good to have a SIM card pin set up as well as pass code. It is just adds that extra bit of security

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