Rugrats: Royal Ransom – A Review


What could possibly be worse than an absolutely terrible game with no redeeming qualities? Well in my opinion, a forgettable game that is neither good nor bad. At least the terrible games make me laugh. Rugrats: Royal Ransom has got to be one of the most boring platformer ‘action-adventure’ titles I’ve ever played. In fact, it was so dull I couldn’t be bothered to finish it all…

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Rugrats: Royal Ransom is an action-adventure game developed by Avalanche Software and published by THQ for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube. The game was released on November 26, 2002, and is based on the Rugrats television series, which aired from 1991 to 2004 on Nickelodeon. The game’s plot is loosely based on Rugrats: Castle Capers. It is also the last Rugrats video game to be released for home consoles as well as the only game released for the GameCube and PlayStation 2.

Tommy’s father, Stu Pickles, invents what he calls the Play Palace 3000, which is a giant expanding tower filled with rooms for the children to play in. Stu leaves to go buy the finishing touches, duct tape and paperclips, and asks Lou to watch the kids. As always, Lou falls asleep. The babies begin to play on the Play Palace 3000, but Kimi notices that Angelica is at the top of the tower. Angelica assumes control of the backyard as queen, and forces the babies to obey her, stealing all of their toys in the process.

Shane Satterfield of Extended Play gave the PlayStation 2 version a rating of 2 out of 5, and wrote that the game’s characters “all control exactly the same and have the same abilities. And that’s not saying much because they do very little. Despite the fact that there are just three moves to perform, the jumping mechanism is difficult to come to grips with and a plethora of invisible walls makes navigating the environments a chore. The simple minigames will please the young ones, and they give the game a sense of variety, but they’re far too simple for parents to appreciate.”

Satterfield praised the character animations, but wrote that, “The environments are incredibly simple and feature textures that repeat constantly. While you have free control of the camera, it rarely cooperates with your commands and the default angle shows far too much of the ground and not enough of the terrain in front of you. When you do try to get a good look at the environments, the graphics engine slows to a crawl and teeters on the edge of crashing.” Satterfield concluded that the game’s “erratic jumping controls and annoying camera issues will ensure that even the little ones will become frustrated.”


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  1. As a professional video game Critic whose opinion is more valid than yours, I am here to disagree with your statements.

  2. I love this review 😂😂 I've been seeing if anyone else thought this game was repetitive as I thought lol! I'm surprised you dont have more likes this was too funny lol

  3. 12:10
    Just Today On my 100% Playthrough of Reptar Tough, I learned that you actually don't need every Little Battery in the Game. You just need enough to beat every Level except for one of them in each Floor.

  4. To be honest, I would choose Easy each time I played this game especially considering that Avalanche Software likes to take stuff to the extreme.

    In the Tak series (because I haven't played any of the other Disney Games made by them), stuff can get real difficult especially towards the end or sometimes, it's poor game design/mechanics and controls

    Tak 3 for example, the Final Proving Grounds is an absolute NIGHTMARE! Sure it's got one of my favorite music tracks in the game, but the crazy A.I. and Bombardment of enemies and obstacles all while a timer is counting down and the fact that there are 3 sections getting harder as it goes on and the controls are trash especially in the turning because you're driving around in vehicles ramming your opponents.

    The icing on the cake? The reason there are three phases is because the Black Mist use magic to cheat and tie up the score if Tak and Lok are ahead for 2 phases. If you don't outscore the Black Mist in any of the phases, you will restart from the VERY FIRST PHASE regardless where you are. You won't restart at the beginning of the second or third phase if you get to that point.

    No, you will restart at phase one and work your way from there to not lose and sometimes, it's luck based. What the flying fuck is that shit?

  5. 24:00 The medieval levels r incredibly peaceful and the world in them is beautiful. Easily the best out of the game, I think you would've liked them 2.

  6. Reading between the likely unintended lines of your cynicism (meaning my stubbornly predetermined perception), your review has actually increased my desire to give this game a whirl. I can't help but try to find every nook and cranny in most games, to the point of typically robbing myself of my own positive gaming experience, your negative opinion of the tedious requirements to dig so deep to progress through the game have peaked my interests. I thoroughly enjoyed your review. Thank you!

  7. You should review Rocket Power: Beach Bandits, which is based off the show Rocket Power, which is also made by Klasky Csupo. It came out the right around the same time as this game.

  8. When you confused the one Avalanche known for a bunch of licensed games over the other one that made the Just Cause series

  9. It seems like a lot of collectithons started to experience the same problems when they made the jump to the PS2, mainly the levels being so large yet so empty. Enter the dragonfly was like this too. I believe the hardware limitations of the PS1 forced designers to come up with compact levels, which meant more thought was put into each square foot of the level since they only had so much to work with. Games could have just had the levels be just as small, but with more levels total when they made the jump to the PS2, but that would require coming up with more level themes and objectives.

    Also they all seem to have that frame rate issue too.

    When I was a kid though the big levels were why I loved this game so much. I would just run around and explore and each level was like a giant themed playground for me.

  10. There are more Rugrats games then the two shown in the video. You should play and review them sometime. Try doing Rugrats Lights Camera Action first, the game is more forgiving and better then Royal Ransom. The character models look much better and the babies aren't scratching their butts when idle.

  11. huh! And here I was thinking I knew all ps2 games with licences! Good to know that the awesome console still has some surprises. 😀

  12. man this is sad… could you consider doing a review on legend of kai? its a forgetten ps2 game thats available on ps4 with the psn now…its on other stuff too

    i might do an lp of it

    if you do play it for review. PLEAASE dont do nightmare or hard it will ruin the game for you especially on the finale boss


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