RTH Adventures in Solo Gaming: Unbroken


In this episode of Adventures in Solo Gaming, Chip delves (see what I did there?) into Unbroken from designer Artem Safarov and published by Altema Games.

Description from the publisher:
Not all adventures end well. Some groups meet their untimely demise at the hands of monsters all too soon, and Unbroken is a story of one such ill-advised expedition.

You, the player, take on the role of the sole survivor of that failed adventure. Finding yourself in hostile territory, weak and wounded, you will need to gather your wits and strength, craft weapons from scraps found around you, and attempt to tackle progressively more challenging monsters on your way out of this forsaken place.

Unbroken is a solo card game that is quick to set up and play but one that will produce a tense challenging experience.

You will collect resources representing your character’s abilities and will need to ensure that you invest in a right mix of resources to both keep yourself alive during your travels and also prepare for the gruesome monsters that wait in the dark. There are several options at your disposal – brute force, trickery, clever use of skills.

Customize your character and use your limited resources wisely – only the craftiest and the most resilient survivors will make it out alive.


Nguồn: https://beesandbows.com/

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  1. At the start of the 3rd level, you put your time tracker on the 4th level spot. Also, there's no benefit to not using most of your time on each level. You could have used that time to build up your small effort resting, at the very least. Thanks for the playthrough!

  2. The Hunter doesn't get to spend one less food for free. You need to use a cube off your display. You had it available on the first two levels (still watching the playthrough), so no harm no foul.

  3. I'm dissapointed this game still gets attention and publicity while 60% of the backers will likely never seen their game, thanks for that. Some solidarity would have been nice.

  4. On the last round you didn't make use of your time by exploring. Even if you simply traded your time for small effort it would have helped.

  5. Interesting watch … sadly as a UK backer I will likely never get my copy as the publisher is holding our copies on ransom. Also us copies came via media mail …. bad. Watched to see what I’m not getting 😉


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