PS3 Longplay [019] Sniper Elite III – Full Walkthrough | No commentary


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This is my walkthrough of Sniper Elite III videogame for PS3 console. Be sure to check out my other videos on this series.

Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk 00:58
Mission 2: Gaberoun 12:38
Mission 3: Halfaya Pass 43:50
Mission 4: Fort Rifugio 1:22:54
Mission 5: Siwa Oasis 1:55:01
Mission 6: Kasserine Pass 2:43:33
Mission 7: Pont du Fahs Airfield 3:38:31
Mission 8: Ratte Factory 4:29:33

Can you stop a super weapon with the power to crush any Allied force? Jump into a new campaign in North Africa, 1942.
Head into the exotic yet deadly terrain of North Africa during World War Two – as American OSS agent Karl Fairburne you’ll fight deep behind Nazi lines. Put your crucial sharpshooter skills to the test as the Allies battle Nazi Germany’s fearsome Tiger tanks across the Western Desert.

With a focus on player choice, explore expansive environments filled with opportunities for distinct play-styles, it’s not just Rommel’s famed Afrika Korps that you have to worry about. Uncover Nazi plans to build a “wunderwaffe” – wonder weapon – with the power to crush any Allied forces in its path, and turn the tide of the whole war.


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  1. 질투도 도가 넘치면 살인자가 되는거라오
    죽은자들 의 영혼이 사람을 자신들에게 마음에 들지 않는다해서 죽이지 마시요
    난 언제까지나 짝짝이를 기다리니까!

  2. Buen juego, PÉSIMO JUGADOR. Muy agresivo, sin cerebro para ver más allá de sus narices. Debe aprender a trabajar tácticas por lo menos 2 pasos adelante.

  3. It's very good ever for PS3, but It's too short. I've bought all the DLCs too, but they only take 15 mins to complete…


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