PS1 Longplay: Rugrats Search For Reptar (PAL) Kind of Blind


I understand if people may dislike the video if I happen to kind of suck at the game. Which is kind of understandable with some from the PS1 and 2 era due to some games having clunky controls. Games are meant to be fun though, not pressurising. Anyhow please don’t dislike the video if you just don’t like the game. It’ll be very misleading to those watching who do like the game, and think there’s a problem with the gameplay.

I did play this with commentary but I wasn’t very happy with it. I didn’t speak very much at parts I wanted to point things out and I had to edit a lot of what I said because my attitude kind of stunk at parts and also my audio is a couple of seconds apart from the footage you see at parts. Sorry I was getting kind of grouchy because of this heatwave we had yesterday. lol. but if you want to see it it’s here , it also shows how well I genuinely did without me editing out my fails, Haha:

Well I hope you enjoy my playthrough of Rugrats Search For Reptar. This really is one I’ve not played in a very long time but I’ve still managed to keep my original disk safe. It’s one of the very few PS1 games I haven’t had to buy a new one of. 🙂 I’ve had the same copy from when I was just a wee toddler. lol. I surprisingly remembered a lot about it though and I have watched a couple of playthrough’s recently before trying my own. So this playthrough is sort of blind too. I also just realized recently that there was another rugrats game made for the PS1 called Rugrats Studio tour so I may try that out too. Well. I’m now going to be able to finally do some of the playthroughs and Re-do’s I’ve been hoping to do for a while now because I finally got my AV2HDMI upscaler for being able to record PS1 and PS2 playthroughs with my elgato. epsxe is very good for PS1 games quality wise but for some games like this one, for me anyhow had many glitches in it such as not showing cut scenes and not allowing me to play Grandpa’s teeth. This game is lots of fun though but again it was a bit stressful trying to get it right for a playthrough. Also I had a lot of hassle getting the upscaler. I bought one but I realized it was HDMI2AV. So I had to return that, then I ordered another one on Ebay by a seller who no longer exists so it never arrived but I got my money back, thank god. Then I made the same mistake I made the first time but cancelled it on time. and finally got it right this time. lol. Well enough of me explaining myself. Hopefully this will send you on a trip down memory lane like it did for me.

Enjoy 🙂

The camera angles and the controls are a bit clunky in this game too but that’s pretty much all I have to fault. and maybe perhaps the constant reuse of dialogue. Haha. and actually the framerate drops at times and even on my PS1. I never saw it happening in other people’s playthroughs. Must be because of it being the PAL region.

The minigames I didn’t play were:

Visitors from outer space
Incident in aisle seven
The Seven voyages of Synthia

If anyone would like me to do there in a separate video, feel free to suggest it. but there will be playthroughs of it by other people too if you’d like to check theirs out. 🙂

Activity list:

4:24 Chuckie’s Glasses
12:10 Egg Hunt
15:10 The Mysterious Mr. Friend
19:36 No More Cookies
22:20 Ice Cream Mountain
36:32 Mirrorland
43:57 Toy Palace
53:38 Circus Angelicus
58:22 Touchdown Tommy
1:00:53 Grandpa’s Teeth
1:10:47 Let There Be Light
1:16:34 Reptar 2010


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  1. I hated this game so much it's not even funny. After so many years, I can totally understand why I despised it: the horrible controls, the oversatured palette, the baby voices, the music omg the music just drove me mad. But I just stomached all that and actually finished the game, probably because I had it and didn't have anything else to play at the moment. I'm glad we have a way easier access to a lot more entertainment these days.

    Anyways good video, but damn, I think I would've been better off if I didn't remember this existed.

  2. I got a ps1 for Christmas once. This was the very first video game I played. I played the hell out of this lmao

  3. Imagine if they had set the Mysterious Mr. Friend level in the Pickles' backyard just like the episode in the show. Definitely would've been more room to run around and less of a headache fighting off 3 robots in the basement.

  4. This game takes me back the Memories I hope they rerelease this game on ps4 I do miss the good old days of the 1990s

  5. I never end this game because I was scared by the gooses in the maze
    Thanks to you I learned that the next level (let there be light) was even scarier so I'm glad I never got there

  6. The mission where u gotta get grandpas teeth was soo hard.. also the mission where you gotta shine a flashlight at ghost used to scare the shit outta me.


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