PS1 Longplay Re-do: A Bugs Life (PAL)


I really enjoyed playing this game again. It’s lots of fun to play and the soundtrack is awesome too. I may also do another video of me showing the hidden bonus level from each level in the game (Which is now done: ) . I was going to have a Ratatouille Longplay done during my Easter holidays but I still require practice at it because I’m still getting stuck a lot on it and I don’t want to upload a longplay of me spending an hour doing one small thing. I got a request to play it but I’d never actually played the game before but I’ll get round to it eventually. I just have lots to do, I never even managed to get half the things I hoped to get done during my holidays. Anyway I hope you enjoy my replaythrough of this game. It’s so relaxing to play and it was done all in one sitting. Cut scenes are skipped to avoid encountering a Copyright claim. I uploaded this already but I must of forgot to skip one cut scene from the movie as there was one played in full, like only 20 seconds worth, after me spending a day saving it and another day uploading it. I had to re render it with that scene edited out. Which took another day and re upload it which also took another day, just because of a stupid 20 second clip. YouTube’s laws are getting ridiculous.

Changes made since the first one: Full screen, game completed faster, also I just generally fancied playing it again.

Old Longplay:

00:07 Practice Level
04:02 Ant Hill
10:42 Tunnels
25:09 Council chamber
30:07 Cliffside
37:49 Riverbed Canyon
58:14 Bird Nest
1:05:14 City Entrance
1:26:38 City Square
1:42:14 Bug Bar
1:46:09 Clover Forest
2:03:53 The Tree
2:21:30 Battle Arena
2:28:58 Ant Hill Part 2
2:51:17 Riverbed Flight
3:04:38 Canyon Showdown
3:33:12 Ending Credits

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  1. The annoying part of this game is that I was too young to get 31:20, and if I did I don't remember.
    Though perhaps I remember that part most of all is because of how long I was on that part.

  2. Probably one of the first games I ever played back when I had my little demo disk with Spyro and Crash 3. Nostalgia's getting me.


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