Planet Master – Android Gameplay [2+ Hrs, 480p60fps]


This is the complete unedited android gameplay of Planet Master. First time playing. Recorded on 12/17/2019.

Note: Meh game. Got to 3rd galaxy.

As of Recording:
Version: 1.11.5
APK Filename: Planet Master 1.11.5

GPS Site:
Price: Free
Current Version: 1.11.5
Released Date: July 12, 2016
Updated Date: January 2, 2019 [Or 1 by GPS on Nox]
Developer/Offered by: MistGame
Downloads: 100,000+
Overall Rating: 4.1 by 2,900
Game Type: Simulation
* login problems – Sign in to all Google Accounts on your mobile device. After that, delete the data cleanly and download it from the Google Play Store.

*[ONE SIGNAL] There is a problem asking the call back because of the push tool.
Rest assured that you are not actually sending you push messages.

-Planets turned into human girls in order to meet YOU!
Let’s exploit the galalxies with beautiful planet girls!

-Healing game which allows you to do nothing – literally!
As affinity rises, planet girls will care for you and cheer you up!

-Tremendous scales of Galaxies!
Let’s unlock and exploit mysterious planets
and enter the new galaxy!

-Various Planet Girls!
Picky, Generous, Timid, or…Silly?!
Girls with distinctive characters are waiting for you!

-Save the universe from the evil “Enemies”!

-ALWAYS WELCOME to Fan arts!



-Questions & Bug Report
If you find any bugs or inconvenience in th game,
please report to
(Sorry for not answering you instantly!)
[Info as of 12/18/2019]

Emulator: Nox
Video Recorder: Bandicam
Video Joiner: Avidemux (.mkv output)

All programs used latest as of recording unless specified.


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