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  1. you're right I walked away due to him(an Aquarius) being silent for over a year
    so never cussed him out or even wanted to- we are over 2,000 miles away from each other…we never argued either.
    I will definately take a leap of faith with him, I want a new beginning

  2. They say if you love em you should let em out the cage an if they come bac diss em cause they shouldn’t have left the first time..

  3. I dont know how to reach to him.honestly..no ckear communication… thanks fr this reading…❤

  4. Hi lovely. You are so spot on. We had past lives together. Everything resonates.we have been apart for 13 years. He was in and maybe is still in a relationship. Didn’t find out till after I left that we are twin flames. Bless you 🔥🔥💕

  5. My husband Taurus cheating I didn't yet he still saying he didn't he did not in my mind I have proof

  6. spot on! caught my cap woman in a few lies during the retrograde and shes too stubborn atm to talk but we'll see about the future though ( currently blocked on everything )

  7. Everything u described is what I’ve went through. Narcissist Scorpio I caught him cheating because he put the girls number in my phone. Supposedly he went to clean his hoarder aunts house for extra money. So I took him and waited outside. Come to find out he was messing with another girl while I waited in the car. I didn’t find out until she texted me days later explaining what happened .He know he’s hurt me I’ve literally done everything I can to help him I’ve been there for him through thick and thin and loved him for him. I’m fed up I can’t forgive him after this betrayal . I deserve better but need to focus on myself‼️ 🌸

  8. Accurate reading indeed. I even dreamt that they are coming back and we got back together. He hurt me so much but I'm afraid of letting him in again cause I know it will end in the same way again.

  9. Wow! Spot on girl! U r so right but I do love him. I know he lied about about a lot uv things but I feel he has changed and he does love me. I'm just gonna wait and see. I'm not texting or calling.

  10. Zebras do not change thier stripes. Especially if it's a NARCISSIST! Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice can't put the blame on you, fool me 3 twice throw up the,✌🏽sign im out! Please love and have self respect. Do not wait on no one or be desperate. IF a person show you who they are the first time, please believe them. Do not give these people no time or attention.

  11. #ThickAndSpiritual🔥Right On Point🎯I Just Received A Call Tuesday Night w/An Apology For Recent Blocked Communication… He Turns Into Casper 👻 I’ve Learned To Measure My Expectations… Then I Was Told It’s Not Me Or Anything I’ve Done… Making Sure I’m Not Seeing Anyone… And He Was Thinking He Should Just Take Me To Vegas… Well… I Still Wear The Ring He Gave Me… Yet, The Hurt & Betrayal Was Deep… Therefore, I Stay Vigilant… I Will NOT Share… So, I See How I Must Be MindFul… His Past Needs To Stay In The Past In Order To ReNew Now To Plan Our Future… No Secrets. All Or None… Black or White… No Grey Areas! Gratitude🧘🏽‍♀️👸🏾👩🏾‍🎓🔥💃🏽🦹🏽‍♀️

  12. Wow my baby daddy is a Aries he was cheating on me when I was pregnant and after I give birth to is son he leave me for a cancer in 2017 and now he want to come back after what he did to me ,but I don't know why am I still have feelings for he and I does still feel attach to him but am afraid to sleep with him again

  13. Omg he just came back! I walked away from him months ago because I believe he is so sneaky and he was seeing other women. I didn’t have any proof but my intuition is never wrong. I love him so so much but I have to think about it . I don’t know if I will take him back or just move on. He really broke my heart in the past so bad.


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