Pincho │ Cardistry Tutorial by Oliver Sogard


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Pincho is a minimalistic one-packet twirl created by Oliver Sogard. A small pack of cards is clipped between two fingers and then rotated – seemingly without any effort – around the index. The simple nature of this move allows you to add your own personal style and is why many cardists consider Pincho to be one of the best combo moves out there.

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  1. Learned this when it came out. But I still can't figure out which flourishes I can do with the other hand holding the rest of the pack. Can you teach us some flourishes you're doing in the video ? Thanks

  2. Okay! I am all new with card flourish and have only been into this cadistry / cardtrick for a few months now, and i am righthanded, and gotten used to doing the basic onehanded cuts like Charlier (Not sure if spelled correctly); Revolution-cut, and "top-shot", etc with my left hand because that's usually the hand i'm holding cards in straddle grip when dealing cards!
    However when watching all these tutorials most are holding the cards in straddle grip with the right hand, so now i get a little confused??? .. Should i start all over again and learn the cuts with my right hand or is it just all tutorials recorded in mirrored camera angles?? .. Thank you for any answers provided 😅

  3. Why would it be done in the non-dominant hand? Seems more natural to have the deck in your non-dominant hand, and take off a packet with your dominant, no?


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