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Welcome a new face to Drinks Tube – it’s Tiki God Rich Hunt! He’s here to show you two ways to make the Pina Colada cocktail – the classic, blended recipe from the 1950s and a new, lighter version that requires you to shake rather than blend. Both delicious and both made with Bacardi white rum, fresh pineapple and either coconut cream or coconut water. Created in partnership with Bacardi.

Give them both a try and let us know which one you prefer – the classic version or Rich’s more modern, lighter recipe.

Thanks to Cheeky Tiki for providing some of their brilliant Tiki gear – www.cheekytiki.com

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Have fun and please drink responsibly.

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  1. why not just use a juicer? pure pineapple juice looks exactly like what he is talking about, very foamy with a creamy texture, just like a cappuccino.

  2. 2 times absolutely not the Pina Colada served in cocktail bars…you never mix the ice…pineapple includes enough water……ice is only to cool a drink, crushed or the cubes. Mixing in a Boston shaker ok but never in a blender…how dare you 🙂

  3. I tried the one with coconut water, but got zero coconut flavour. It tasted rum and pineapple. I was disappointed. The video was great though.

  4. Piña Colada is my all time fav cocktail. This is the first time I am seeing someone taking s much care to make the shaken version. Thanks for the video 😀 I prefer the blended version though.

  5. a Little bit late…but pls…NEVER sip on a cocktail with bacardi in it an say hmmmm tasty. Take a clear appleton or at least a havana club 3. gj with the fresh fruit!


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