Pina colada – cocktail recipe


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Today we’ll learn how to prepare one of the most famous cocktails: the pina colada. The pina colada is made with rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice and its sweet taste makes it very appealing to women.


Would you like an exotic fruit cocktail like I do? Have a pina colada. How? Come with me, we’ll prepare it together.
Let’s see what ingredients we’ll need to make an excellent pina colada. According to the size of the glass, you’ll need:
• 5/10 of pineapple juice
• 3/10 of light rum
• 2/10 of coconut milk • 2 maraschino cherries
• 1 medium slice of pineapple
• some ice
Let’s prepare together the pina colada:
To prepare the pina colada, I’ve chosen this type of glass; besides, we’ll need a blender or a mixer you have at home. So take the slice of pineapple and remove the rind, apart from this section which we’ll use for the final decoration. Now cut the slice into cubes.
Now put in the mixer the diced pineapple… the pineapple juice… the rum… the coconut milk… and finally the ice. Then, run the mixer.
I’ve poured the pina colada into the glass… now make a small cut in the centre of the pineapple section and put a toothpick on top. Then spear the 2 maraschino cherries with the toothpick and garnish your glass. From Sonia and Giallozafferano, happy pina colada and see you next videorecipe!


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  1. thers (avokado with milk it`s very Delicious) and (pineapple with milt it’s Delicious) try it i’m shore *ـــ*

  2. I like how they did the cherry thing but when I saw the girl in 13 going to 30 drink it I wanted to make pubs colada

  3. The last one of those I drank was at the Golden Steer Steak House in Panama City Florida, Just passed my Airline Transport Pilot Certificate Check Ride. I still have the glass. Over thirty years ago. I don't drink those anymore for some reason, tastes change I guess. That steak joint is gone now too.


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