Pin Up Shoot w/ Sony A6000 in abandoned school in Detroit 11 Frames Per Second Raw Jason Lanier


Join award winning photographer and Sony Artisan of Imagery Jason Lanier for a pin up shoot inside of an abandoned school in Detroit. PLEASE thumbs up, share and Subscribe!

This video shows Jason using the Sony A6000 just two weeks after he purchased it in July 2014, months before he officially switched over to Sony cameras from Nikon.

Jason goes into the abandoned school with a model and assistants and scouts the location with a certain shoot concept in mind. He finds the props necessary to complete his vision and then goes to work on creating it.

This video also showcases the awesome 11 Frames Per Second capabilities of the Sony A6000 and Jason shows you each capture taken in consecutive order to show you how amazing it really can be.

This shoot was done completely in natural light and there are TONS of tips in here for posing a female model for flattering results.

For more information or to learn directly from Jason, please visit now!


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  1. Ok just dropping in to say i freakin love you dude. Lol you are my idol! I have learned soooo much from your videos. Thank you sir!

  2. Waiting on my a6000 and 50mm 1.8 that i got for $315 thanks for all the vids man im learning alot for when i hit up a workshop one day.

  3. I love how you shoot… However, this shoot was among your least convincing art… Thats fine, coz I will keep following your videos nonetheless … I got into flash photography mostly coz of your HSS videos…

  4. You are my inspiration to start shooting abandoned places with permission. I went to the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal. You should go check it out. It's located in Liberty State Park in Jersey City,NJ

  5. so apparently the iq from this lens is not very good. would you say that you are happy with the results compared to lenses that are out now? i think the corners are soft but does it really matter? great poses

  6. Question.. What lens was used in the first shoot, where you said " its the best camera in the world for $800"?

  7. I have watched a ton of vids on you tube of your live shoots, i am also part of the Facebook workshop forum. It doesn't get any more detailed than this, from lighting placement, model direction and posing, composition and what modifiers. If you know photography enough to find your settings you can pick up the rest in these vids. I hear what dude was saying with "What jason was thinking during" but if you watch you will learn what he looks for, for the most part but as a photographer i would like to develop my own vision and how to do things. Jason, as usual thank you bro your work has helped me immensely.

  8. Nice shoot Jason…You are a master at posing beautiful ladies in unique locations….love it! Remember the song "Hot For Teacher"

  9. I find myself watching and rewatching these videos trying to get all of the posing tips burned into my mind. lol

  10. Quick question and I may already know the answer to this based on what you shoot with now haha but I have a samsung nx300 and am looking to upgrade either to the sonya6000 or the next step up in the samsung world to the nx500, any thoughts??

  11. where are the finished images? it would be nice to compare the final product with the images seen in the vid

  12. As an urban Explorer and photographer taking a model into a building like that with no respirator is not smart. The location is great and Detroit is a heaven for exploring. I love your videos Jason but I would give people some kind of warning about this year of photography.


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