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Learn how to fill your pincushions to perfection! Carrie Nelson, author of Pin Pals, tells us all about the difference between filling and stuffing. Learn about different materials for filling and stuffing, such as leftover fabric or batting, crushed walnut shells, and more! Carrie walks you through the whole process, from which supplies to gather, to keeping a mess free work station.

Carrie Nelson:

Sweet Dreams:

Finely Ground Walnut Shells:

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  1. Great demonstration. There's a large assortment of fillers, I've seen some with a little steel wool shreaded to to help keep your pins sharp. I've sold these at craft sales.

  2. Brilliant! You are a natural teacher: prepared, informed, take charge, step by step, get to it. I have watched so many videos with folks who may be creative and have beautiful projects, but they “ahhhh, uhmmm” and talk about all the ways they are unprepared. You, on the other and (and thankfully) were absolutely perfect in every aspect of your presentation. Thank you!

  3. Hi Carrie…..I absolutely love to watch your videos. Your are always so easy to listen to and I learn something new every time.
    You are a dear and I look forward to seeing more tutorials from you.
    Thanks and take care,

  4. The title of this vid "Filling and stuffing pincushions with Carrie Nelson" got me worried! Was very relieved when wadding and nut shells were used instead of Carrie herself! Lol.

    Great vid, will try this out sometime.


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