Paladins Pro | Androxus Ranked Carry! New Andro Is OP!!!

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21 thoughts on “Paladins Pro | Androxus Ranked Carry! New Andro Is OP!!!”

  1. What is a thumb on your mouse please make a video where the thumb is on your mouse or maybe do a paladins video and show me the thumb and then play your character or show your hand cam

  2. I find it funny that mainstream call characters with '' the'' before their name. Why in the world? It's a name, ahaha nonsense

  3. From my very tedious and miserable use of androxus, I can say…If you can't aim…. F.U.C.K.O.F.F ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Seeing this…. Honestly makes me realize that I could easily be a pro if I had the same opportunities as some others….


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